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Friday, October 1, 2010

Nightwalker week @ BBA!

I'm so excited for this week! If your a Jocelynn Drake Fan, then your going to love this. And if you haven't read her books, it's about time you start! You won
t regret it.

Here's what Amanda said:

Hi Everyone! Well I'm the BBA host for October and just wanted the group to know all the fun things happen during Nightwalker week=)Stop by Paper Cut Reviews for the fun! Also we will have discussions in the goodreads group so join in and let's talk all things Nightwalker;)

Host link

Oct. 1st
*Character Profile:Mira and Danaus

Oct. 2nd-4th
*Cover makeover
*Create a button

Oct. 5th
*Ideal Danaus

Oct. 6th
*Jocelynn Drake Interview

Oct. 7th
*World Summary:Paranormal Hidden with in the Real World.
Oct. 8th
*Cover Love

Oct. 9th-11th
*Review Hunt: Link Reviews
*Mira vs Danaus:Who would win in a battle?

Oct. 12-19th
*Which Breed of Shapeshifter is sexier? (I will explain the relevance)
*If you could have an elemental ability what would it be? Why?

Great Line-up! I'm excited! So head over to Steph's Blog and check it out!


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