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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Practical Magic


Practical Magic is a complex story focusing on Sally and Gillian Owens. After their parents died in a fire when they were little girls, they were sent to live with their two eccentric aunts, Frances and Jet, in a dramatic old house on Magnolia Street built centuries before by their ancestor, Maria Owens, an apparent witch.
The girls live a life without rules, drinking soda for breakfast and never having to brush their teeth. But Gillian feels trapped, and when she's old enough, runs away with a boy who becomes her first husband out of many. Sally, meanwhile, only wants true love but is afraid that she'll end up like her mother and father - too in love to save themselves from the fire that killed them. But one day Sally meets Michael, the man of her dreams. She marries him and they have two children, Kylie and Antonia.
But then tragedy strikes. When Michael dies, Sally blames herself, the aunts and the centuries-old curse that surrounds the women of her family. She takes the girls away, despite their protests, in the hope of giving them a normal life with rules and healthy dinners and clean teeth.
Gillian, whom trouble seems to follow, comes to visit Sally at her new house on a balmy summer night with a surprise in her car, trouble up her sleeve and a detective following not far behind. She asks Sally for help cleaning up the mess she has made.
The story is back-to-back magic and mystery, a fairy tale for grown-ups, with a dramatic ending that sees the magic that surrounds the family come to lend a hand.

My Thoughts:
I love Practical Magic. Movie & book, both are awesome.  

Witches, gotta love em! Gillian and Sally Owens have always stood out in their community, like all of the Owens women have.
Gillian and Sally have never been in the "in" crowd, and they have been blamed for everything that has went wrong in their town. 
Gillian and Sally were orphaned at a young age when 

their parents were killed in an accident. They were then

 raised by their elderly,.very original aunts. Of whom I love. 

Gillian is the free spirit. She was into boys and acted like a 
goof. Sally was the more practical one. 

They eventually moved apart and live their own lives. 
Sally's husband dies, leaving her to raise two girls, Kylie and Antonia. The two soon come together again, however, when Gillian shows up at Sally's doorstep, she isn't alone... she's with a corpse. 
Love life for the Owens sisters is hard. They can't seem to get a break. Maybe it will change?

Honestly I loved this book, and the movie. 
Gillian and Sally are great characters, likable and fun to read. 

It's a great read. I recommend it! Also, check out the movie!


jackie b central texas said...

One of my all time favorite movies that have Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in them! Aidan Quinn was the icing on the cake, cannot believe the movie is already 12 years old as is the book !

I could watch it happily tonight for Halloween but my copy is gone in a box long ago with other things traded in to Half Price Books when making shelf space!

jackie >_<

sablelexi said...

I love this movie, and I've been considering reading the book, but I'm nervous that it will disappoint or leave me disappointed with the movie.

iamjenai said...

Great blog!

I didn't know the movie was based on a book?!?! I've watched this movie more than 10 years ago and i loved it! I might check out the book one of these days!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and im now a follower! :)

yllektra (force-oblique) said...

I absolutely adored the movie, it is among my faves, for sure and I cannot believe it's been 12 years.. Wow!
Time flies!

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