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Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 1 for Halloween Extravanganza week is: Ghosts! The Jackal!

First, the definition of "The Jackal Ghost":

(Wickipedia) The Jackal - The Jackal is the ghost of Ryan Kuhn, who was born in 1887 to a prostitute. Ryan had an insatiable lust for women, rape, and murdering prostitutes. Wanting to be cured, he committed himself to Borehamwood Asylum, but after attacking a nurse, he was put in a straitjacket and thrown in a padded room. After years of this imprisonment, he went completely insane, scratching at the walls so violently that his fingernails were torn completely off. The doctors kept him permanently bound in his straitjacket, tying it tighter when he acted out, causing his limbs to contort horribly. Still fighting to free himself, Ryan gnawed through the jacket until the doctors finally locked his head in a metal cage and sealed him away in the dark basement cell. There, he grew to hate any kind of human contact, screaming madly and cowering whenever approached. When a fire broke out in the asylum, everyone but Ryan escaped. He chose to stay behind and face the fire. As a ghost, his arms are free from his jacket, and the bars of his cage are ripped outwards.

My Thoughts:
The main reason why I choose The Jackal as my favorite ghost is because of what the fierceness of his presence alone could do to someone. He was one of the most deeply disturbed patients of Borehamwood Asylum. He had a hurtful upbringing and a horrible life. He was a angry, insane human being, with enough rage to total a town. He is the perfect example for a angry ghost haunting. Feeling as if he didn't get what he wanted out of life, so he will forever haunt and torment the living.


I first heard of The Jackal from the movie 13 Ghosts, and was surprised of how much he stood out.
 Every ghost had it's scary moments, but The Jackal was pure terrifying. Being Ghost #12, with his face in a cage and his horrid features, he was something you wouldn't soon forget.

And although he was a horrible man, at times, while reading about his life, I felt sad for him. Yes, he was a psycho murderer, but when and why did that all start? Was it his upbringing, or his nature? If we went into it, we could debate for days. But he did want to cure himself, he even admitted himself for help, but nothing and no one could help him. He eventually faced death purposely when a fire broke out at the asylum. People still talk about how he ran away from rescuers shouting "keep away!" 
We will never know why he had such pure hate for humans. But we do know he will forever be known as a monster. The Jackal ghost.

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Rosey said...

Your ghost is WAY more scary then mine!! LOL

Natasha said...

ha ha! I love all ghosts, but this one stuck out for me, for sure! hehe

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