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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Interview with Lynsay Sands!

Interview with Lynsay  Sands

I was born in 1142 which is why my first love is historicals. I’ll let you guess why I love stories of immortals…er…well, vampires to you people. When I first started writing the family history, everyone was up in arms, afraid I was revealing too much, but I explained they were being published as fiction and I wouldn’t use real names. Of course, that was before I found I just couldn’t write the stories with other names…
Just kidding! I couldn’t resist. Of course, I’m not a vampire. I wouldn’t mind being one. It would be a heck of a diet and I’m always looking for a successful diet, but despite not being a vampire…well…a gal can dream can’t she? And that’s what books are; waking dreams or stories, tales to amuse, entertain and distract us from everyday life.
I love books. Reading books takes me away to other worlds and on grand adventures I just couldn’t have otherwise. Writing them does the same, but also lets me play God for a bit. I know that sounds weird, but when writing my stories, I decide who lives and dies, who succeeds or fails and so on. I can give the good guys the happy endings they deserve and be sure the bad guys lose and get their comeuppance. Unfortunately, that’s something that doesn’t always happen in real life.
Perhaps that’s why writers write. Maybe we writers are all secret control freaks, wanting to control the world. Or maybe we’re just dreamers lucky enough to be able to make a living at dreaming. Either way I love writing and would do it whether I was paid for it or not. But I’m very very grateful to be able to share these stories with you. I hope they help you escape your troubles and trials if only for a little bit, and I hope they make you smile…You can be certain I’m often chuckling myself silly while writing them. Enjoy!

Welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm a huge fan of your work, and November 30th will be the release of your fourteenth novel in your Argeneau series. How many books are planned for this series?

Plan?! Whoever said I had a plan! Oh, no, there was never a plan. Heck even writing vamps was never planned. It was kind of an accident. lol. The truth is that so long as the ideas keep coming, the readers keep reading, and the publisher continues to be willing to publish them, the series will no doubt continue. That’s the extent of my ‘plan.’ (Grin)
However, I can tell you right now that there are three more stories already written after Hungry for You and that I just signed a contract for four more. So there will be at least six more books and one anthology to come.

2011 holds a new series for you. The Madison Sisters sounds great. Can you tell us a little about it?

It’s about three sisters, one of whom is married to a Dick (No really, he goes by the name Dick as opposed to Richard) Fairgrave. The name fits, however. At any rate, Dick isn’t the Prince Charming he presented himself to be to woo the oldest sister, Christiana, into marriage and has set a whole host of troubles on them. The three stories in the series show each of the sisters dealing with and surmounting the troubles and wolves set on them by Dick’s death. Fortunately, they have each other, and some true Prince Charmings to help them through.

Will there be any Highlander novels released in 2011?

No, there won’t be any in 2011, however I do intend to go reread the series and see if Will or Ian or any of the other sexy single Highlanders decide to talk to me and tell me their stories. If so, you can expect to read them starting in 2012 after the last of the three Madison sister’s books.

Anyone who reads my blog knows I love cover art. Who is your cover art designer for your Argeneau series?

My publisher, Harper Collins, is in charge of all the cover art. I really don’t have much say in that or the back blurb and so on. Mostly my input is between the pages. Sorry I couldn’t help you there. 

I know this will be hard to choose, but which novel from each series was your favorite to write, (or was your favorite once finished)?

My favorite in the Argeneau series would have to be Single, White Vampire. Probably because it was the first finished. You never forget your first. As for my historicals, my favorite was always The Deed. I guess I have a soft spot for the first books I wrote.
In the Highlander series, I guess my favorite would have to be Taming The Highland Bride. I really enjoyed Merry’s independent nature especially since it was such a No, No in Medieval Times. And as for the Madison sisters’ stories, my favorite would have to be Christiana’s novel, The Countess. It was good to see dumb Duke, Dickie, die.

Do you read many books as of late? Do you have any books that you are currently enjoying?

Hmm… I’d love to say I read a lot. I used to, but as I’ve gotten busier and busier I find I don’t have nearly the amount of time I once had for reading. I have recently read Terri Garrey’s Nicki Styx series and I quite enjoyed them. I did start into another author’s book last week, but it didn’t hold my interest and I ended up putting it down after a chapter or two.

I know usually this isn't the author’s choice, but if it was...Which one of your books would you like to be made into a film?

Jeez… I would have to say either Accidental Vampire or The Renegade Hunter because they were full of humor and action. On the more thriller/action side of things I would have to choose The Immortal Hunter.

Are you currently working on any other projects?

I just finished a story on Harper who was one of Elvi’s potential suitors in The Accidental Vampire and another story on Christian Notte, Margeurite’s son, who readers met in Vampire, Interrupted. And an anthology about Teddy, the police captain of Port Henry whom we also met in The Accidental Vampire. I wrote those for September 1st, October 1st and November 1st and am now getting corrections and copy edits and catching up onemails. The next story I’ll start will be the third sister from the Maddison sisters which is due March 1st and then the next in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series, which will either be Jeanne Louise’s story, or one of the Nottes. It’s due April 1st.

Thanks so much for stopping by Lynsay! You rock!

You’re more than welcome, Tasha. Thanks for having me.

Upcoming Releases:

August 31, 2010 - Born to Bite - Armand’s story - Book 13 in the Argeneau series
November 30, 2010 - Hungry For You - Alex Willan's story - Book 14 in the Argeneau series
January 25, 2011 - The Countess - Book 1 in The Madison Sisters regency series
February 22, 2011 - The Heiress - Book 2 in The Madison Sisters regency series
April 26 2011 - Paperback reprint of The Brat, The Chase, The Perfect Wife & What She Wants
May 31st 2011 - The Reluctant Vampire - Harper's story - Book 15 in the Argeneau series
August 30 2011 - Reprint in paperback of The Deed
October 25 2011 - Christmas Anthology with Teddy's story (Police chief of Port Henry)
December 27 2011 - Christian's story (Presently untitled) Book 16 in the Argeneau Series


RK Charron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for the great interview with Lynsay Sands & thank you to Lynsay for taking the time to share here today.
It was interesting to learn more about Lynsay and I liked her choices for book-to-movie.
All the best,

Stephmartin71 said...

Great Interview Lynsay ;) and I luv that you included here the lineup for your following books throughout 2011. I can update my bible list now ;D Hope your Turkey Day was great for both you & Tasha & Merry upcomming Christmas. Side note: Hey Lynsay, Timber says he's hungry for SWV but he'll behave ;) Take care.

Natasha said...

Your Welcome RK Charron! I love Lynsays writing, so it's my pleasure! hehe

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

Fantastic Q&A. I like the question of which book to a movie.


MommyGirl said...

I love Lynsay Sands and the Argeneau Vampires Series -- it is just so hard to wait on the next one to come out. It is one of my top five series!!! I am so glad to know there will be more stories coming!

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