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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kim Harrison-Pale Demon TOUR News & Dates

I LOVE Kim Harrison. I cannot wait for Pale Demon to be released(more Jenks!), and I wish so much that I could get to a signing, but being that I live in East Coast Canada, it's not so easy. I will get there one day though.. I am determined!

But for all you lucky ducks who can, here's what Kim has to say from her latest WordPress entry:

Pale Demon Tour cities up at website

By Kim Harrison
I’ve got some great news for you who are looking for tour cities!  I’ve got about 90 percent of not only the cities, but the stores as well!  Down below is the short list.  All I ask is that you don’t email me with suggestions for that TBD date.  I have a pretty good idea of where I’m going, but don’t want to say until I know for sure.  ;-)   And take note of the event in Houston!!!  I’ll be signing with Patricia Briggs!  I’ve always admired her work, and I can’t wait!
  • 2/22: Schulers Lansing, MI
  • 2/23: Borders Ann Arbor, MI
  • 2/24: Books & Co Dayton, OH
  • 2/25: Joseph Beth Cincinnati, OH
  • 2/26: TBD
  • 3/1: Des Moines Public Library  (with Beaverdale Books)
  • 3/2: St. Louis Public Library (with Left Bank Books)
  • 3/3: Hastings Lawton OK
  • 3/4: Book People Austin, TX
  • 3/5: Murder by the Book Houston,TX  with Patricia Briggs
  • 3/10: Sacramento Bee Book Club
  • 3/12-3/13: Tucson Festival of Books


Jessica said...

YAY! Kim's coming to St. Louis!! Usually I have to talk someone into taking me to Chicago, but not this year!!!

Thanks for sharing the info!

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