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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interview & Giveaway with Raven Corinn Carluck

Interview with Raven Corinn Carluck


Raven Corinn Carluk currently dwells in semi-obscurity, but is making her way to fame.  You can find out more about her at her site, or keep up with current events on her blog.  She's fairly talkative, and you can make friends with her through Twitter if you wish.  And while she prefers ferrets to cats or dogs, she does have a special cat and a parrot.

Welcome Raven! I'm happy you stopped by! 

Christmas is near, what are your plans for this holiday?
Spending time with my family.  Playing World of Warcraft.  And finishing the edits for my sequel.  Nothing too extravagant.

First off, congratulations on your debut novel, "All Hallows Blood".  Can you tell us what the book is about, and a little about the main characters?

Thank you.  I still get a rush hearing "debut novel".  It's a great feeling.

In ten words: Psychic warrior helps elder vampire save Portland from vampire war.

Keila is the heroine, a psionicist from a long line of psychic warriors.  She's a little depressed, young and up and coming, and needing something to do with her powers.  My dashing hero vampire is Varick, eight hundred years old and full of power.  It's love at first sight, though neither will admit it.  They fight their passions, find the trail of the bad guy, and have much fun kicking butt together.

Is "All Hallows Blood" a stand alone novel? If so, when will the next one be published? If not, will you be writing any series in the near future? 
All Hallows Blood is the first of five books I've got planned for these characters.  There might be a sixth one, but I'm not entirely sure.  I'm working on the sequel,Saint Valentine's Clash, and plan to release it in February.  Then I'm going to hunker down and work on the third, which gets fairly dark.

You tend to write more on the darker side, which I enjoy. Which books would you say have similar tastes as your own?
Tough question.  I don't like to compare myself to others, because I think it's me being arrogant.  I did have a reader tell me the book was as good as the Sookie series, and that made me blush for a day straight. 
If I had to pick, I'd probably say I'm closer to Anne Rice in content than most modern vampire books.

What's your writing process?
In short: get an idea, make an outline, scrawl several hundred pages of longhand before typing it into the computer.
Longer:  I work in a call center, so it's easier to write in my notebook than on the computer.  (My bosses frown on internet usage while taking calls.)  I can be waiting for someone's phone to reboot while I'm working out a fight scene.  I also like the smell of ink and paper, so it really helps with the initial creative process.
In the back of the notebook, I keep all these notes of ideas that come to me, and names, and anything else I might use later.  When I'm ready to work, I pick an idea, and start fleshing it out to a full outline.  Then I start writing.  And writing.  And writing.  When I finish the first draft, I type it all up into Google Docs, and let it sit for a little bit.  Then the editing process begins.
After it's been through the ringer and my beta reader, a few polishing steps happen, and then I put the book together.  I'm now going all indie, and publishing my own books, so I even get to do the layout and formatting.  And I really enjoy that part, because it's still something very creative.

I really like the names Keila and Varick. Are they names of people you know, or did you make them up? 
They don't have made up names, nor are they anyone I know personally.  I rely pretty heavily on the internet for researching things, and I'm at baby name sites all the time.  I usually have an idea of what letter I want the name to start with, and then start looking through meanings that make sense.  Both Keila and Varick basically mean warrior.

Okay, this is a bit off subject, but I read you enjoy video games. I am a nerd for video games. Which system do you play and what are some of your favorite games? 
The PC is my truest love, because I grew up playing games on the computer.  I often site that as the reason I have good eye-hand coordination.  After that, it's definitely the X-Box. 
My favorite game is World of Warcraft.  I've been there forever, and it's practically a part of my life.  (Nothing like raiding while making Thanksgiving dinner.)  But after that, the Fallout franchise and Panzer Dragoon (ooooh, old school) are close favorites.  I'll try just about anything, and I often backseat drive when my husband is playing puzzle games.  I know where the swtich is, or what he has to move just glancing sometimes. 
(My Fiancee LOVES WOW, I'm goign to start playing in next month I think. I tried it out, and liked it. I'm just so used to the X-Box!)

Who are some of your favorite authors? 
Anne McCaffrey, Carrie Vaughn, George RR Martin, and Hideyuki Kikuchi who does the Vampire Hunter D books.

A few Quickies:

Cats or Dogs? Ferrets

Movies: Friday the 13th or Halloween?  Halloween

Sam or Dean(Supernatural)?  Never really watched it.

By Plane or Boat?  Boat

Fall,Spring,Winter or Summer?  Summer

Random enough for yuh?  42  *grin*
Thanks so much for stopping by! You rock!
Thanks for having me.

Now, on to the GIVEAWAY!

Raven has generously given 2 e-book copies of All Hallows Eve! 
You have to be a follower to enter.
To Enter fill out the form below.
Giveaway is open Internationally!! 

Contest ends January 2nd, 2011!


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