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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Eureka Season "O Little Town" *PLUS* Photos

          Eureka's Christmas episode "O Little Town" 

Eureka's Christmas episode "O Little Town" premieres Tuesday night!

What an episode this was. Eureka is amazing, but to have a Christmas episode was just perfect! I was stoked when I realized this would be a Christmas themed episode. I have a soft spot for Christmas/Holiday episodes, so that just added to the fun of Eureka, and although I love the normal time travel theme it's been going with lately, it was a nice change. 
As always, something starts to go wrong in Eureka, and it's always due to someone's experiment gone wrong.

Eureka Christmas Episode
What a great scene this was! 

Confronting and full of Holiday cheer! 
 Eureka Christmas Episode (5)

Eureka Christmas Episode (4)


Eureka Christmas Episode (2)
Holiday spent with those you love! 
EUREKA  (10)
Allison is full of Holiday Cheer! And what a beautiful dress! 


And to all a Goodnight! 


Paper Cut Reviewer said...

I saw a few episodes of Eureka and I loved them! I have to get caught up though=( I wonder if this series is on I will have to check! Yay I found another Sci-fi geek like myself;)lol!

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