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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cova & the animals in my life.. My bebies! - Unrelated to books.. mostly

Me and my baby Cova. He's been my love for 3 years this past summer.
I love him deeply, and love to have him sleep with me, which he does every night I'm home. If he's not laying on me when I read, he's laying on the book when I put it down.. which I find funny. It's like he's saying "pay attention to me.. what book?"
Oh yeah, He's half dog.. I promise you! He runs to the door when he hears my car, and meows at the door when I'm about to arrive. He paws me awake and kisses me when I'm down. I would be lost without him. He's my handsome kitty.

Beautiful, isn't he?

I have a funny video of when we started to put him on a harness. ( I will not let him out alone, we have coyotes loose and I will not let him get hurt! 
Check below how he first handle the leash/harness...

He's much better now. Actually, he loves it! 

Next is Squinks. Squinks was my fiancĂ©es cat before I met him, but she lived on for a bit over a year after I came around, and she was a beauty, both in personality and looks. She was Danny's light, and will be forever missed. R.I.P Squinks. We love you.

Next is the amazing Ninny Twit! Ninny for short. Growing up he was quite small, but as he got older, the bigger he got(both ways). He's now a giant, loving, hilarious cat. Anyone would be proud to be his owner, which Danny and myself are! He's always there is your in need of a hug. A short story I must add with him is this:
When Danny's parents got new cats(They have 1 dog-just lost 1 after 18 years :( R.I.P Daisy, you will be loved and missed by all- and 4 cats) they had two cats, then one of Dannys cats (Lu Lu) got attached to the house and stayed. Then recently they added Samantha(Sam).. anyway, whenever a new animal arrives in either house, Ninny is the one to welcome and reassure them into the home. He's our buffer, and love. A sweet cat, that loves all!

Now, on to Bonkers(Bonky for short). She's out new love. The hilarious kitty with 7 kitty fingers and a weird personality. She's super playful, and loves Ninny with all her heart. She waits for him to come back everyday he goes out in explores, she plays with anything not glued down, and she looks down right adorable. Who couldn't love that face?

These are my babies, and I hope you enjoyed getting to know them!


jackie b central texas said...

What a bunch of sweeties Tasha, I love them all and have not even met them!!!

Thanks for sharing all the personal tidbits on each, what a bunch!

jackie >_<

Natalie Mulford said...

Adorable! I have 2 dogs, & we just added a cat to our family the start of December! It's our first ever cat so we are learning so much!

You can see pictures of my fur babies HERE!

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

How adorable. I wish my apartment allowed pets =(!!!

xoxo for the kitties!!

Natasha said...

Aww, Soo cute Natalie!!

Aww I wish your apartment did too Chas, they are wonderful! hehe

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