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Monday, January 17, 2011

Cover Art: Never Knew Another by J.M McDermott

Never Knew Another

Release Date: Feb, 2011

J. M. McDermott delivers the stunning new fantasy novel, Never Knew Another -- a sweeping fantasy novel that revels in the small details of life.

Fugitive Rachel Nolander is a newcomer the city of Dogsland, where the rich throw parties and the poor just do whatever they can to scrape by. Supported by her brother Djoss, she hides out in their squalid apartment, living in fear that someday, someone will find out that she is the child of a demon. Corporal Jona Lord Joni is a demon's child too, but instead of living in fear, he keeps his secret and goes about his life as a cocky, self-assured man of the law. Never Knew Another is the story of how these two outcasts meet.

Previous novels in series:
N/ALast Dragon (Discoveries)


April said...

Ohh, this sounds really great and the cover is awesome!!

Barossa Tours said...

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