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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For the love of Bones!


I absolutely LOVE this show. I haven`t read the novels yet, but I plan on doing so very soon. 


If you haven`t watched the show yet, here`s what your missing:

An investigative drama inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and best-selling novelist Kathy Reichs. Dr. Temperance Brennan is a highly skilled forensic anthropologist in Washington, DC. FBI Agent Seeley Booth calls on her to assist with investigations when the standard methods of identifying a body are useless - when the remains are badly decomposed, burned or destroyed beyond recognition.

The characters are excellent! I love them all. My favorite is Sweets. He`s underestimated as a character. He`s also not bad on the eyes. ;)

Emily Deschanel stars as Dr. Temperance Brennan and David Boreanaz stars as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth in Bones.FOX/Brian Bowen Smith - Monday, August, 23, 2010, 7:23 PM

Temperance Brennan

Portrayed by Emily Deschanel
Dr. Temperance Brennan (Season 1–) works as a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and is also a best-selling novelist. Nicknamed "Bones" by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, Brennan and Booth work together in FBI cases concerning recently found human remains. Although she is an expert in her field, Brennan is socially awkward and has limited knowledge about pop culture. Her birth name was Joy Keenan. Brennan's parents had left her and her older brother Russ when she was fifteen. She also thinks herself to be extremely rational. She is often the one to get the most emotionally attached to the cases and/or the people involved.

[edit]Seeley Booth

Portrayed by David Boreanaz
Special Agent Seeley Booth (Season 1–) is a former Army sniper with the Rangers, who is currently an agent with the FBI. He frequently consults with Dr. Brennan and her team in his investigations but prefers a more humane and interpersonal approach than Dr. Brennan's hard, objective and analytical approach. He is shown to be world-wise and socially at ease with people. Booth has a son, Parker, with his ex. At the end of Season 4, it is revealed Booth has a brain tumor causing him to hallucinate. In season 5, Booth admits to Dr. Saroyan that he is in love with Brennan. In season 6 he has a girlfriend named Hannah, whom he loves.

[edit]Angela Montenegro

Portrayed by Michaela Conlin
Angela Montenegro (Season 1–) works as a forensic artist at the Jeffersonian Institute and is Dr. Brennan's best friend. Angela is Dr. Brennan's team specialist in craniofacial reconstruction and can generate holograms using her 3-dimensional graphics program (The Angelator) to simulate various scenarios of a crime. She is open, friendly and caring, and constantly tries to draw Dr. Brennan out of the lab. In the episode "The Man in the Fallout Shelter", it was revealed Angela's father is Billy Gibbons, a member of the band ZZ Top. Her middle name is "Pearly Gates." "Pearly Gates" is also the name of Billy Gibbon's 1959 Les Paul Guitar. In Season five she marries Dr. Jack Hodgins while in jail for an outstanding warrant. In season 6 we learn that she is pregnant with her first child.

[edit]Jack Hodgins

Portrayed by T. J. Thyne
Dr. Jack Hodgins (Season 1–) is an entomologist and is also an expert on spores and minerals, but conspiracy theories are his hobby. He is one of the more normal persons in the group, and helps teach Zack how to be socially normal. His family is extremely wealthy and Hodgins wishes for his current occupation to remain concealed from his family as he fears they will prevent him from pursuing his career. In season 5 he marries Angela Montenegro while in jail for an eight-year-old warrant.

[edit]Camille Saroyan

Portrayed by Tamara Taylor
Dr. Camille Saroyan (Season 2–) is the Head of the Forensic Division at Jeffersonian Institute and is a Pathologist. She was introduced in the first episode of the second season after being hired by Dr. Goodman while Dr. Brennan was on vacation. She was born in The Bronx, although she does not have a noticeable New York accent, and was a coroner in New York before taking up the position at the Jeffersonian. At the beginning of the second season, she and Dr. Brennan have an uneasy working relationship due to her being Dr. Brennan's superior and their differing work styles. Dr. Saroyan had a romantic relationship with Booth prior to her joining the Jeffersonian. This relationship was briefly rekindled until Dr. Saroyan almost died after being poisoned by serial killer Howard Epps in the episode "The Man in the Cell", and Booth realized that his "high risk" life put anyone close to him in danger.

[edit]Lance Sweets

Portrayed by John Francis Daley
Dr. Lance Sweets (Season 3–) is a psychologist assigned to Booth and Brennan after the F.B.I. feels the conflict between them may be affecting their working relationship. The character made his first appearance in the third season premiere and his portrayer, John Francis Daley, became a main cast member from the ninth episode, "The Santa in the Slush", onwards. He is 23 years old, but looks much younger, as much as 10 years younger, which causes Booth to be rude and condescending towards him. While he is seemingly annoyed at Booth, Sweets stands his ground against him, even coercing Booth and Brennan into going on a double date with him and his girlfriend April. Sweets and April break up shortly after the date, and Booth and Brennan become something of a "crying shoulder" in a reciprocal relationship. He ends up dating Brennan's former replacement for Zack, Daisy Wick. He has the ability to effectively talk to both Booth and Brennan in the language appropriate to each. Also, Sweets is trained as a profiler and has to date assisted Booth and Bones, finding even dull lab-work new and exciting. As part of the third season's ongoing storyline concerning the serial killers collectively known as The Gormogon, Sweets helps Booth and Brennan identify possible victims and profile the Gormogon. His only fault is his tendency to use inappropriate language for someone of his age and skills in court similar tovalspeak.

[edit]Zach Addy

Portrayed by Eric Millegan
Dr. Zach Addy (Season 1–3; recurring afterward) is introduced as Dr. Brennan's graduate student and assistant at the Jeffersonian Institute at the start of the series. In the second season, he receives his doctorate in Forensic Anthropology and applied engineering and becomes a professional forensic anthropologist. Zack is closer to the stereotypical geek than anyone else on the team. Although well-meaning, helpful and friendly, when a situation calls for social interaction or intuition, he is often lost. During the course of events leading up to the death of Howard Epps, Zack was nearly killed after he unwittingly triggered a pressure sensor tied to a bomb affixed to the headless body of Caroline Epps. He is extremely intelligent, in episode 11 it is said his IQ is significantly above 163 (which is already a genius level). He is also Hodgins' best friend, and lives in the upper part of Hodgins' garage. At the end of Season 3, he was revealed to be an accomplice to "Gormogon". He was admitted to a psychiatric institution following his confession to murdering the Lobbyist ("The Knight on the Grid").
While in the psychiatric institute, Zach was regularly visited by Hodgins and Dr. Sweets. Some time later,Zach broke out of the psychiatric ward in order to help his friends solve a case. After the case was solved, Zach willingly returned to the psychiatric facility. Zach later told Sweets that he did not kill anyone, but told Gormogon where the victim was in order to murder and cannibalize them. Sweets wanted to tell the others, but Zach told him not to do so to avoid being sent to a "regular jail" as he "would not do well in prison".

[edit]Daniel Goodman

Portrayed by Jonathan Adams
Dr. Daniel Goodman (Season 1) is a former archaeologist turned administrator, who is also the director of the Jeffersonian Institute. He is a loving husband and father to a pair of five-year-old twin girls. His way of working leads Hodgins to think of him as subjective and long winded, and lacking the qualities of a pure scientist, although the antagonism between the two develops into a friendly rivalry as the series progresses. He has not made any appearances beyond the first season. As of Episode 23 "The Titan on the Tracks" Dr. Goodman is said to be on a sabbatical. He will not be appearing in the 100th episode.

Bones is based on the novels by Kathy Reichs


Jennifer Rayment said...

Just thought I would give you a heads up about the books. They are excellent but extremely different from the show - none of the supporting characters from the show are in the book and Tempe is quite different from the Tempe on the show. They are excellently written though!!

Melanie said...

A few months ago I won seasons 1 -4 of Bones and some books. I'm now in love with the show! I also like Sweets...and Booth. ;D

I agree with Jennifer, the books are VERY different from the show. The only thing that's the same is the name Temperence Brennan. None of the other characters from the show are in the books. I've read the first two books and they were really good. :)

Tynga said...

I LOVE that show as well. I finaly stepped in and bought all 5 season from amazon last week. 105$ for all 5 what a deal!

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

I am so with you on this one. I love the show but I dont have much interest in reading the novels. I think this one is better on the screen for me.

misskallie2000 said...

I love the series and watch the reruns also. lol I don't think I want to read the books if they are that different than the shows?? If I find them in the Local Old Book Sale in May I will buy and see if I do like the books as well.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

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