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Monday, January 10, 2011

Graphic Novel Review: Rables: March of the Wooden Soldiers by Bill Willingham

Fables 3: March of the Wooden Soldiers
Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers
by Bill Willingham

My rating: 
Frigging Amazing! Why did it have to end?

A group of fairy tale characters are exiled from their mythical homelands and forced to take up secret residence in modern-day America. Those that can pass as human have taken to living as part of an underground community called Fabletown. Now the denizens of Fabletown have reason to be afraid - very afraid! The reason they left their homelands was due to the Adversary's ruthless march to power. He subjugated those he could and killed the rest. But now the Adversary has found one of the gates leading to our world and is coming after the Fables...Volume four of this superb series from Titan continues to explore this fantastical underworld created by scribe extraordinare Bill Willingham. Warning: Adults Only!

My Thoughts:
Another hit for Willingham!

If you've read my previous reviews of this series, then you know I love these books. Bill Willingham took old fairy tales and brought them to life, in a new and interesting sense. Each book gets us more of our favorite fables, including the awesome Snow White, Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio, and much more.

This time around we get some new characters(Red Riding Hood and also Robin Hood). I must say, I loved the twist on Little Red Hiding Hood.
As always, the old characters are int eh spotlight as well, and we get some new background and hints as to who is the adversary.
When Red Riding Hood arrives in Fabletown, Mayor King Coal is over joyous to give her asylum, but the town Sheriff Bigby (Big Bad Wold) is, as always, suspicious of this new arrival. It's obvious he met her already, (Bad wolf/Red Riding Hood) So what's her angle, if any?

There's much excitement in this novel, including the grave danger Collin (the pig-on-a-stick) tries to warn Snow about, Snows pregnancy and Prince Charming's ploys to take over as mayor.

There's war and battle, and much action in this novel. I can honestly say this is one of my favorites. Snow and Bigby are my favorites of the whole series. I always want to see more with their interactions. Seeing Bigby get soft in anyway is always fun, and knowing he cares of Snow and their children, makes him high in my book.

As I said in previous reviews, I wouldn't suggest children reading this series. It's quite gruesome at times, and down right dirty! But for us adults, it packs quite a punch!

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