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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Lady Can Blog Award!

The Lady Can Blog AWARD

I've found that there aren't too new many awards. I receive the same ones more than a few times, and although I'm grateful to be receiving any at all, I'd like to see some new ones go around... So, I made an award up for all you blogging ladies! 

The Lady Can Blog Award!
This award is to all you hard blogging ladies. Your blogs are the blogs I visit daily, the ones that always have top notch info, and top notch excitment!
You blogals (a.k.a blog gals) are what I love about blogging!

All I ask is that you send this to 5 other blogals that are your top favorites, and you couldn't blog without!
This is tough for me, because I have more than 5 favorite blogs, but to keep it more personal, let's take it up a notch to 5 blogals only!

My 5 blogals are:
Chasity @ LovLivLifeReviews
 Abigail @ All Things Urban Fantasy
Isalys & Vanessa @ BookSoulmates
Athenna & Stephanie @ Paranormal Haven
Larissa @ Larissa's Life

All I ask is that you choose 5 of your favorites as well, and post the list at the end of your post.

Thanks and congrats blogals!


Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Oh yay!!! You are so sweet :)

Thank you so much for thinking of us. It feels great to know that fellow bloggers appreciate all the hard work it takes to run a blog!

Big hug!

Natasha said...

Your Welcome Gals! You deserve it!

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

Your design and award is awesome!!! Love the concept.

WOW... thanks for grouping me with the lovely blogging ladies above!!=)

WhOooooO Weeeeeee!!=)

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you!!!

Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

Thanks Natasha!

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