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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Male of the Week

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL is known for many movies. His first big appearence was on Televison series, Third Rock From the Sun.

                                         Release Date: July 26th 2005

There were a total of six seasons and 139 episodes in the series. The first and last seasons were 20 episodes each, and the second through fifth seasons had between 22 and 27 episodes each."

Summary:A group of aliens has come to Earth to learn about its population, customs, etc. To avoid detection, they have taken on human form which gives them human emotions, physical needs etc. WITHOUT the understanding of what they mean or the inhibitions normally present in humans. Their leader takes the position of a college professor, their military expert as his sister, their intelligence expert, supposedly oldest of group takes form of his teenage son. The uninhibited reactions turn everyday events into unusual situations.


Inception was the latest movie I've seen him in, and I 

I can honestly say, I loved his role.

Inception Summary:

In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a highly skilled thief is given a final chance at redemption which involves executing his toughest job to date: Inception.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt[1] (born February 17, 1981) is an American actor whose career as both a child and adult has included television series, theatrical films, and stage performances.
Beginning in commercials as a young child, he went on to appear in a number of television films and series, including a lead role in a television revival of Dark Shadows and a film debut in 1992'sBeethoven. An appearance in A River Runs Through It followed, along with a starring role in the 1994 movie Angels in the Outfield, as Roger Bomman. Gordon-Levitt subsequently co-starred in the television sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996-2001) as the young Tommy Solomon, and had a major supporting role in the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You.
After a hiatus during which he attended Columbia University, Gordon-Levitt abandoned television but returned to film acting as an adult, appearing in various independent films, beginning with the 2001 film Manic, followed by the acclaimed roles in 2004's Mysterious Skin and 2005's Brick. In 2009, he played the lead role in the well-reviewed (500) Days of Summer, which gained him a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. In 2010, he starred in the Christopher Nolan film Inception. He runs an online collaborative production company titled HitRECord.

What do you guys think of him?


AmericanMakeup said...

Cute!! Loved that movie! Great blog...followed :)

my valentine 2011 said...

wow ! Nice Picture ! i really like it.

Adam said...

Oh, yes! JGL is my male of the week EVERY week. hahaha

Natasha said...

He's pretty awesome! hehe
Thanks for your thoughts!

jackie b central texas said...

Tasha ditch the BLUE on the text as hard to read on the purple background....

JGL is still one of my favorite young stars since loved his kooky role on 3rd Rock, have to see Inception soon but has not come to our local theatre yet!

jackie >_<

Natasha said...

That`s my default color for links. I`ll try to change it now:)

jackie b central texas said...

I figured it was, you have to get really close to the screen to read them and since you use a lot of links some people like me with old eyes are not going to be able to stand the eye strain....

jackie >_<

Juju at Tales of said...

He's grown into quite the cutie. Did you see the book he just released? Also a cutie.

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