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Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: The Becoming by Jeanne C. Stein

The Becoming
by Jeanne C. Stein

My rating: 
Pretty good book, but it lacked something to make it great. 


Anna Strong has a successful career as a bounty hunter.  She works with her business partner David, an ex-pro football player, to bring bail jumping criminals back to court and they make a good team.
They don’t expect any trouble apprehending their latest target, a white collar criminal called Donaldson, who is wanted for fraud.  Donaldson turns violent the routine arrest goes terribly wrong, leaving David injured and Anna nearly dead.
Anna awakes in hospital with few memories of the attack, she remembers Donaldson beating and biting her and she remembers biting him back in the struggle.  With her wounds healing at an astonishing rate, she is quickly released from the hospital.
Avery the doctor who treated her at the hospital soon turns up at her home and explains to her that she has been attacked by a rogue vampire is now a vampire herself.  Avery knows all about vampires because he is a Night Watcher.  Night Watchers are vampires who keep a look out for rogue vampires, hiding the evidence of vampire activity from humans in order to protect the existence of the whole vampire community.
Avery teaches Anna what she needs to know about being a vampire in order to survive.  Caught between her new undead existence and her old life as a mortal she is unwilling to let go of Max, her human boyfriend, and yet unable to resist the seductive allure of Avery.  When David is mysteriously kidnapped Anna realises that vampire or not she will not give up her mortal friend.

My Thoughts:
An intriquing read!

I read the first few novels in this series last year, and I only recently remembered them upon seeing the cover for a new novel being released. I was shocked
I forgot about it because it was actually a pretty good read. I think I enjoyed the first two in the series much for the the third, but I'll be re-reading them again to find out why soon.

Anna Strong is anokay herione. She's not my favorite, but she's fun enough that you'll want to read on with her story.Anna was unwillingly turned into a vampire while hunting an evil criminal named John Donaldson that skipped out on his bail, who leaves her for dead, not realizing he actually turned her.
I had mixed feelings about Avery, Anna's Vampire mentor. He's hiding something and seems to take a bit extra attention on his patient, Anna. Sure he's handsome and powerful, but he`s definitely leaving out something important.

Anna's in need of trust, and doesn't know where to turn to. She's turned into a vampire(unwillingly), her house is burned to the ground and now her best friend, David is kidnapped.. Nothing is easy for Anna, but then when has it ever been?

I enjoyed this book. It wasn't as realistic as other UF`s I`ve read (or as realistic as you can get with UF anyway). It wasn`t the thought behind the world Stein`s created, I enjoyed that, but maybe it was the characters behaviour or thoughts, but I found it a bit off. Over all though, it was a pretty good read. I'm excited to read this series over again soon. Maybe I'll have better thoughts this time!

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