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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cover Art: *4 New Titles*

Release Date: July 1st, 2011
When Lady Julianne Gatewick realizes the rake of her dreams thinks of her as practically his sister, she decides it's time to get even. The charming Marc Darcett, Earl of Hawkfield, is every lady's fantasy, but he's determined to evade virgins and their matrimonial traps - especially his best friend's sister.

Hawk reluctantly agrees to be Julianne's guardian for the season, but he's having trouble resisting his gorgeous ward. Worse still, she's taunting him by flirting with every scoundrel in London - and he's sworn to protect her! Certain she's learned her tricks from the authoress of that scandalous publication "The Secrets of Seduction", Hawk sets out to uncover the writer's identity. But he never expects to find the formerly angelic Julianne behind the mask - and between his sheets.

Previous novels in series:
How to Marry a Duke

Source: Book Soulmates

Release Date: October 2011

Another all star roster of writers, with a mixture of urban fantasy, science fiction, hardboiled mystery, noir, paranormal romance, historicals, and fantasy PI stories. 
The lineup includes a Lord John novella from Diana Gabaldon, a SPQR story by John Maddox Roberts, a True Blood story by Charlaine Harris, a Garrett tale from Glen Cook, an Edge story from Melinda Snodgrass, a Gordianus yarn from Steven Saylor, an incredible WWII mystery novella by Bradley Denton, a Joe Lansdale story than can only be described as Gonzo Lovecraft, and wonderful contributions from Carrie Vaughn, Conn Iggulden, Simon R. Green, Laurie R. King, Lisa Tuttle, M.L.N. Hanover, Patricia Briggs,and S.M. Stirling.

- "The Bastard Stepchild" (intro), by George R.R. Martin 

- "Death by Dahlia," by Charlaine Harris 

- "The Bleeding Shadow," by Joe R. Lansdale 

- "Hungry Heart," by Simon R. Green 
- "Styx and Stones," by Steven Saylor 
- "Pain and Suffering," by S.M. Stirling 
- "It's Still the Same Old Story," by Carrie Vaughn 
- "The Lady Is a Screamer," by Conn Iggulden 
- "Hellbender,"by Laurie R. King 
- "Shadow Thieves," by Glen Cook 
- "No Mystery, No Miracle," by Melinda Snodgrass 
- "The Difference Between a Puzzle and a Mystery," by M.L.N. Hanover 
- "The Curious Affair of the Deodand," by Lisa Tuttle 
- "Lord John and the Plague of Zombies," by Diana Gabaldon 
- "Beware the Snake," by John Maddox Roberts 
- "In Red, With Pearls," by Patricia Briggs 
- "The Adakian Eagle," by Bradley Denton

Previous Novels in series:

Release Date: October 11, 2011
Unforsaken (Banished, #2)

Previous novels in series:
Banished (Banished, #1)
Source: All Things Urban Fantasy

Release Date: September, 2011
Their desire destroys her defenses.
Their love gives him a reason to live.
Three years of wandering the post-apocalyptic wasteland has stripped Dr. Chris Welsh of humanity and hope. He’s a dangerous man now, full of dark energy and yen for violence. A harrowing loss drove him from his home, and he hasn’t stopped moving since. Grim and sardonic, he never found anything worth sticking around for–until now.
Rosa Cortez runs Valle de Bravo, a haven of civilization amid the chaos of the Change. Soldiers take their orders directly from her–the iron hand within a velvet glove. The last thing she needs is a feral loner upsetting the town’s tentative balance. However, for the good of her people, she lets the sexy doctor stay. He evokes a delicious new longing, but she won’t submit to any man.
Tension rises as bloodthirsty raiders strike again and again, bent on possessing Valle and its resources. Together Chris and Rosa battle hellhounds and dust pirates while also fighting desperate attraction. To save them, love must overcome the pain of the past–and build a future in this brutal Dark Age…
Previous Novels in series:


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