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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm going to be here and there for a little bit...

 Bad news for me. My hard drive is broke. :S I have so much information and photos that are lost. I'm so not happy, but right now it really didn't sink in ow much I lost yet, once it does I'll be in a foul mood indeed!

What this means is, I will be on here still, but not half as much. I'll only be able to use Danny's computer when he isn't. I'll still be up to date for my giveaways, and update the blog as much as possible, but if your trying to get a hold of me for the next few days, it may take a while for me to reply back. 

Wish me luck with my laptop everyone!


kavyen said...

That is terrible... I hate being without my laptop. Hope yours is fixed soooooonnn

jackie b central texas said...

Time to invest in a backup portable hard drive Tasha... I am feeling your pain though because if mine crashed my bills would not get paid!

Natasha said...

I do have a backup hard drive, but it's full and even starting to tick itself:/ I'm not turning it on until I'm ready to back that up as well. If I loose what's on there, it'll be the end of life as I know it! :S haha!

I hope it works out soon as well. I'm pretty sure it's under warranty, but still.. it's frustrating!

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