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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Misty Evans "Name A Witch Contest" !

Who doesn't love contests?
This is a contest I've love to win, In this contest you have a chance to name a character in a novel by Misty Evans!
Sound good?
Here's some details.

Would you like to name a character in my next Witches Anonymous book? You can even give her YOUR name (or your pet's or your best friend's).
In Witches Anonymous Step 4, there's a new witch in town - one who's just coming into her witchy powers. Lilith (Lucifer's ex) is also in town, looking for revenge on Amy, and devises a plan to use the new witch as bait. Can Amy protect the innocent witch from falling into Lilith's hands or will they both end up in Hell?
The winner of this contest will get:
  • To name the innocent witch in Witches Anonymous Step 4 (title to be announced)
  • To read Witches Anonymous Step 4 before it's released to the public
  • Added to the Acknowledgements page of the book
  • A gift package from me, including free books, The Devil Made Me Do It post it notes, a bag of Dove chocolates, and whatever else i find that I want to throw in.
To read more details and enter, click HERE


ChrisS said...

This is such a cool contest. While having dinner tonight, my daughter, two nieces and I had so much fun coming up with names suggestions. I was amazed at all the cool & creative ideas they came up with. It really was a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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