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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: In The Prince's Bed by Sabrina Jeffries

In the Prince's Bed (Royal Brotherhood, #1)In the Prince's Bed by Sabrina Jeffries

My rating: 
Frigging Amazing! Why did it have to end?! 


From bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries comes the first dazzling novel in a sexy new series featuring three half brothers. Bound together by the royal father who denied them, they've formed a pact to help each other achieve their every desire...including the women of their dreams.

Miss Katherine Merivale is desperate to make a respectable match -- if only her childhood sweetheart would propose! Until he does, she can't touch the fortune she's inherited. So the last thing she needs is notorious rogue Alec Black putting her proposed marriage at risk with his distracting, smoldering gaze and moonlit kisses.
Alec, the Earl of Iversley -- and one of three bastard sons of the Prince of Wales -- is secretly searching for an heiress bride to pay his debts. Fiery Katherine seems the answer to his prayers, and her passionate response to his practiced seduction soon assures him that she is his. But Alec knows Katherine is looking for a love-match, and he wonders...what will happen when she discovers his deception?

My Thoughts:

What a dazzling read!

Lately I've been on a Historical Romance kick. Before the last few weeks, I was unsure of Historical Romances. I read a few I loved, but I still felt that I would rather reading Historical Romances with a paranormal aspect...until now.

I've read some many wonderful Historical Romances lately, so now I see them in a whole new light. First Eileen Dreyer, then Lynsay Sands & Elizabeth Boyle and now Sabrina Jeffries. I'm on a roll with some amazing Historical Romance writers, and I'm on the look for more. Right now I'm hooked on the "Royal Brotherhood" series. I'm half way through "To Pleasure a Prince" and I'm dying with excitement!

The romantic triangle between Katherine Merivale, Alexander Black and Sir Sydney Lovelace was an excellent angel. It's known that Lovelace and Katherine is almost engaged, but that doesn't stop Alex from courting her with screaming desire. All the desire may be real, but little does Katherine know, he's wooing her for her money. Alex is broke, and this is the way for him to restore his home and keep his servants employed, but he soon realizes he wants her for more than her money, but will she understand once they marry? Will she even marry him with Lovelace the prefect gentalmen around?

The heat was scorching! Passison, heartbreak and enough whit to go around. I loved it.
I don't want to give too much away, but as for Lovelace, I know his secret, but I wish they made it more pronounced with Katherine. Maybe throught the series? Or they may just leave it like it is. Either way, this story had a perfect ending for the triangle.

"In the Prince's Bed" was a hit of passion! I found a new favorite author. Sabrina Jeffries is one for the shelves! I can't wait to see what happens with Alex's brother's. I don't want this series to end!

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jackie b central texas said...

Have you tried any Kat Martin yet Tasha! I am looking forward to reading this new series and the Halstead Hall Hellions series by Jeffries also....

Natasha said...

I haven't yet! I heard she was good though, so I'll check her out. Thanks:) I'm looking forward to that series as well!

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