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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cover Art: Hunter by Skyla Dawn Cameron

Release Date: July 2011

Sometimes natural predators need to be kept in check, and for that, there's Ryann David. Orphaned as an infant and raised at by an exiled branch of the church to become a warrior for God, she and her fellow members of Venatores Daemonum have trained all their lives with only one purpose: Destroy all vampires and demons in the mortal realm.

But when Ryann and her team are sent on a mission—to find and capture an infamous vampire who's killed one of their own—she learns that perhaps not all is as it seems. Aligned with an irreverent psychic detective, a pair of vampires, and her own determination to do what’s right, Ryann seeks out the truth as the black and white world she knew turns a murky shade of gray.

Previous Novels in series:

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♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

hahahaha.... We post a like. I included this one in my daily discovering as well!!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh, thank you for the shout out! And so glad you liked the cover and wanted to share it. :)

Skyla has a new cover for her first book too. :) It follows along the lines of this new cover, but has blood on it too. They look really neat.

24 hour printing London said...

Really i love this post.What kind of lifestyle can a young single male have off 42k pounds and free transportation/housing in London?Thanks

Julia said...

I am a bit confused as to what some of the other commentors are referring to above, but i think this book sounds great...just my kind of book.

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