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Monday, April 25, 2011

Interview & Giveaway with Misty Evans!

Welcome Misty! Thanks for stopping by!
ME: Thank you, Natasha, for inviting me to your blog. It’s a fantastic place to get away!
Spring is here and it's getting hotter by the day. Do you have any plans this spring or summer?ME: My family has already been to Florida this year, so we’ll be staying home this summer.
We’re White Sox fans, though, so we’ll head to Chicago for a game or two, and I’ll also be in Chicago getting together with some of my fellow authors this spring/summer for lunches and a gabfest – can’t wait!

For those who haven't read your 'Witches 
Anonymous' series yet, can you give them a heads up
on what to expect?
ME: Sure! Amy is a bad witch trying hard to go good, which means leaving Lucifer behind and embracing a magic-free lifestyle. Lucifer, however, is not about to let her go without a fight…and he fights dirty. *wink*
I LOVE your novels! 'Witches Anonymous' was a huge hit for me. And Amy Atwood is a pretty
awesome heroine. Where'd you get the inspiration for her?
ME: Thank you! I heart Amy too. She showed up one morning when I was laying in bed, dreading to get up because I didn’t know what I was going to write that day. But there she was, pissed at Lucifer, disappointed in her sister, and determined to be magic-free and find a nice, normal boyfriend to go along with her new lifestyle. After that, I couldn't wait to get out of bed and start writing down her story!
Okay, I love both Adam and Lucifer, but maaan do I love Lucifer. Was it hard to write a character as large and known as 'The Devil'? It would be pretty pressuring to make him seem
legit. You did extremely well though. :)
ME: I love me some Luc too. Hehehe. He’s an awesome character to write, because I want to show him more as a fallen angel than a demon. He wrestles with good and evil just like the rest of us, and since I was brought up in a Southern Baptist household, I base most of his characteristics on what I learned sitting in church on Sundays. From a young age, I wanted to rewrite biblical stories and this seemed like a terrific venue to turn my imagination loose and see
what happened. I’m a big believer in do-overs, too, so bringing the original Adam back for one gives me all kinds of fun issues to play with.
Would you ever write a novel, specially a Witches Anonymous novel, that was a full length read? *crosses fingers* The more the merrier!
ME: There will be 13 installments in the WA series, so you can see why I keep them novellas at
this point. Once Amy’s journey is complete, I’ll publish one book containing all the stories and
the prequel, but if you can’t wait (even if I put out two novellas a year, it’ll still be awhile before
the series if finished!) you can read them  ndividually now. Every story I write in the series
gets a little longer than the ones before it, so by the time I reach the 13th, who knows? That may
actually be a full length novel in its own right.
*smiles* Sounds good to me!
Meantime, I’ve just started a new paranormal romance series with another cool heroine, Kali
Sweet, who’s a vengeance demon. She wants more than anything to be human, and even though she loves her job, she’s starting to have misgivings about it. While she’s a little darker and edgier than Amy, she has the same caustic sense of humor and wrestles with loving the wrong guy. Her stories will be longer than Amy’s and include more drama.
If I can, I have to tell you an interesting fact about Kali, too. Kali and Radison’s prequel will be Sweet Demon, a short story in a Halloween anthology featuring a bunch of other fantastic authors like Allison Brennan, Nancy Haddock, Cynthia Eden , Karin Tabke, Michelle Miles and Edie Ramer. I had the first several chapters of the story written when Kali showed up and told me I had her character completely wrong. She didn't want to be Amy, she was Kali. So I had to scrap twenty-five hundred words and start over, but Kali was right. She’s her own character and she’s waaay fun! - That sounds awesome Misty! I can't wait to read it.  
Now, I know you have more great series that I've heard great things about. Can you tell us a little about your Super Agents series?
ME: The Super Agents are CIA operatives going undercover to hunt down terrorists, moles inside the CIA and kidnappers. Their stories are romantic suspense (no paranormal elements), but I enjoy writing contemporary RS as well as light PNR. Each genre fits a side of my personality, so I get to be dark and dramatic with the Super Agents and light and snarky with my witches and demons. Can you tell I’m a Gemini?
- I hear yuh, because I am too! LOL
I see you have a contest on your blog that will give someone the cool chance to name a character in your Witches Anonymous Step 4 novel. You’re going to tell them you’re shutting it down
because you've chosen me instead right? *wink* Okay, okay, I'll play fair. *crosses arms*
ME: According to my Excel spreadsheet, you’re one of the top point getters, so maybe you WILL win! :D I’m so excited about this contest. I’ve wanted to give readers a chance to get more involved since the first book and my friend H.P. Mallory did this sort of contest for one of her books, so I figured, why not do it for mine? It’s been so popular, I plan to do one for each future book!
Want to tell everyone how they can win?!? Or not... depending on my offer. :D
ME: Everyone can enter and you get extra points (which get you your name thrown in the witch’s hat extra times) by doing an assortment of easy things like following my on Twitter, liking my author page on FB and signing up for my newsletter (which only goes out occasionally since I don’t want to annoy anyone). All the details and links are on my homepage
Do you have any other projects you’re currently working on?
ME: I’ve always got too many characters in my head, LOL, so yes, I have a new series coming from Carina Press in June. The first book in the Lost Worlds series is Soul Survivor and I’m throwing a release party the week of June 20th in my Yahoo! Group if anyone’s interested in joining for that week and having fun. There’ll be other authors stopping by with excerpts and giveaways, and I’ll be handing out swag as well. Meantime, I’ll be working on the sequel, Soul Protector, along with the Sweet series and the WA series. 
- I hate that I live nowhere near any signings! :(
Random Question:
What's your favorite summer alcohol beverage?
ME: Margaritas! Traditional lime, blended, but I’ll never turn down strawberry either!
Thanks so much for stopping by, you rock!
ME: Thanks for having me. This was great fun and I hope I get to come back sometime!

On to the giveaway! 
Misty is giving away a ebook of 'Witches Anonymous' to one lucky winner! 

To enter, you have to be a follower. 
You also have to answer this question:
What's your favorite Witches novel or series?

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+3 comment on another interview, HERE.
=17 points

This contest ends May12th, 2011

Good Luck!


SandyG265 said...

My favorite Witch series is The Southern Witch series by Kimberley Frost

sgiden at

Meredith said...

I like the Southern Vampire series (it has some witches!)

meredithfl at gmail dot com

Meredith said...

Twitter follower of your blog


meredithfl at gmail dot com

Meredith said...

Follow @readmistyevans on Twitter

meredithfl at gmail dot com

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I'm not entering the giveaway, b/c I already own this one, but just wanted to say that I love this series, and this was a great interview. I love that all of the novellas will be together at one point!

Suzanne said...

My favorite witches series is The Hollows series *(Rachel Morgan) by Kim Harrison. I have not read any of the Witches Anonymous series by Misty Evens, but maybe I can be fortunate enough to win this giveaway and enjoy the series as much as you! :)
~Suzanne Morrell

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