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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Interview with Jaz Primo

Welcome Jaz! Thanks for stopping by!

Nice weather come on down! Have you got Spring fever yet?

Actually, I have a wicked case of Spring fever, and I can't wait to explore it to its limits! I love being outdoors on beautiful spring days, and I can't wait to: (1) Sit by a pond doing some bass fishing, (2) Sit outdoors with a Coke and my Kindle for a read-a-thon, and (3) Break out the Frisbee for some championship level plastic-disc-throwing! (Look out, neighbors...and your windows!)

For those who haven't read 'Sunrise at Sunset' yet, can you tell us what to expect?

First, and perhaps most importantly, my novel is somewhat (pleasantly) unconventional. Don't expect to read the traditional, mainstream paranormal romance novel format that has become the "gold standard" for vampire romance today where the helpless, awkward female protagonist has to be saved/courted by the heroic ultra-alpha male vampire lead. Sunrise at Sunset breaks a number of boundaries in the genre, including a rejection of stereotypical gender roles. Believe it or not, I've actually "offended" a few readers because of that, and they've left somewhat scathing reviews in their wake. However, I've learned to wear that as a sort of badge of honor because I've made somebody "think" and confront something that's outside the stereotypical norms of our time. Readers should expect heartfelt romance and chemistry between sincere characters who transcend formulaic standards. For example, my editor, Julia, said that the main human character, Caleb, was refreshing and unlike any male lead in modern literature. Each of my main characters starts in their own imperfect and slightly vulnerable emotional place when you meet them, and they're each on individual journeys of self-discovery and healing, though in remarkably unique ways. While different, I think of it as somewhat hopeful and beautiful. As the series progresses, they grow and develop, just like each of us do as we experience "real life." Expect to find romance and intrigue that ultimately bursts forth to form an adventure.

Katrina is a kick-butt heroine. Where did you get the inspiration for her character?

*Smiling* Katrina is definitely a red-haired "Wonder Woman with fangs" in so many ways. She a flash of spontaneous existence. She burst into my imagination like a powerful fanged angel exploding upon the scene with grace, power, and purpose. I was nearly stunned when she made her presence known to me. Her vision and personality was imbued with such tangibility and willpower that she was both captivating and terrible all at the same time. That's very rare, and I knew immediately that I had found my perfect heroine.

I recently came across your newest Sunset Vampire Novel's cover art and I really like it. Even more so than the last. Who's your cover art designer?

Thanks, Tasha! I'm both honored and proud that Al Slark is my cover artist. He's by far one of the most talented and exciting artists in the industry today. Most people who read romance novels might not necessarily recognize his name but have appreciated his work. For the past 16 years, Al has produced cover art for Harlequin Romance and other widely-recognized leading publishers. I'm very lucky to strike his interest with my urban fantasy vampire novels. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I'm fortunate to have secured the services of cover models who really "nail" my novel characters in uncanny ways.

If your novels ever went to the big screen, who would be your ideal cast?

*Grinning* My novels as films? Well, that's a heady prospect to say the least. I think that the role of Katrina would have to be commanded by just the right actress, though likely an unknown. No current, well-known actresses come to mind for her. As for Caleb, I can see someone like Shiloh Fernandez doing a respectable job. Shiloh did a great job playing Peter in Red Riding Hood. For the English vampire Alton, I envision Gerard Butler. As for the sassy, perky vampire, Paige, I'd like to see someone like Emily Browning, perhaps.

How many novels are planned for your Sunset Vampire Novels?

Three have been completed so far, and I plan to start writing the fourth installment this summer. Suffice to say that I already know where the characters and storyline are going, and I have a firm grasp of the details for the finality of the series. I'm merely not certain of the exact number of novels that it will take to get there yet. I can safely say that there will at least be five. However, I suppose the actual number that will make it to press will depend upon how well-received the series is by readers. *Chuckling* Rather, I'll write all the novels until I reach the end...I merely hope that the market is viable enough that I'll be able to publish them for fans of the series to read.

Will you be starting any new series anytime in the near future?

Actually, yes. I've had a new paranormal storyline and characters in the back of my mind for some time now, and I plan to commit them to Microsoft Word very soon. I've also had an idea for a novel involving a fantastical, creative spin on a well-known historical figure.

Random Question:
What's your favorite adult cartoon? Ex: Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bobs Burgers.. etc.

Awesome question! Family Guy is one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures, but I also like Robot Chicken and South Park. Oh, and the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials are by far the BEST, in my book.

Again, Thanks for visiting! You rock!

Aww, thanks, Tasha.
*Pointing Back At You In A Cheesy, Ron Burgundy Fashion* No, Tasha...YOU rock!
I just had to do that. *Blushing*
Actually, thank you SO much for interviewing's been a sincere pleasure!


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I had fun with this, thanks jaz!

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