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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Becoming (Graphic Novel) by Kelley Armstrong

Becoming by Kelley Armstrong

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Read it for free, HERE.

This free online graphic novella tells the story of Elena’s “becoming” a werewolf—that dark period from the time Clay bites her through her escape to Toronto.

I loved it. I'm a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong and I'm also a huge fan of graphic novels, so when my favorite novels are made into graphic novels, then I have to check them out. I was so glad I checked this one out, but I can't believe I didn't already read this. What took me so long?

If you read Woman Of The Otherworld novels already, then this is a must read. Even if you didn't read the series and you are planning on it, then you can read this first and see how it all started for Elena and Clay.

'Becoming' takes you into what happened to Elena after she was bitten by Clay. This time in Elena's life was dark and brooding. You get to see how her relationship with Clay was like after the bite and you get to get a visual of her world.
I loved the artwork and of course the storyline. It may only be 28 pages, but it packs a punch.

I recommend it for anyone who's read or plans on reading the 'Woman of the Otherworld' series.

I found a copy of Bitten for 5.60! Pretty cheap, huh? Check it out!

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