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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Witch Magic: Dime Store Magic / Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong

Witch Magic
by Kelley Armstrong

My rating:
Frigging Amazing! Why did it have to end?! 

Witch Magic is an Omnibus edition of Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic issued by the Science Fiction Book Club with a lovely cover by Julie Bell.

Although the cover art for this novel is a bit repelling and outdated, don't let it fool you. I assure you the novels are amazing. Kelley Armstrong is one heck of a author and story teller and when it comes to her Woman of the Otherworld novels, you don't get much better than them.

The characters are really likable in this series. The first two novels are featuring Elena and the breath taking Clay. This novel has two novels combined, 'Dime Store Magic' and 'Industrial Magic' which features Paige Winterbourne, Leah and Savannah and Lucas.

If you start this series then you'll be in for the long haul, so if you can get your hands on this, buy it. If not then you will be reading the two separate novels anyway, so why not save money, paper and space?

All in all, this is a worthy series of anyones reads, but if your a fan of paranormal romance and horror, then this is the series for you!

Buy it now! 

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Jessica said...

Didn't really know that there was a combo of those two books in Kelley's series! I remember way back when when I first read DSM, I didn't care for it too much. Maybe a year or 2 later after I read more UF books and bought the first 2 books in the Otherworld series, I soon changed my opinion on that!! Love this series!!

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