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Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Tour: Interview with Ann Charles

Welcome Ann! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm so excited to be a stop on the Indie Book Collective (IBC) April Blog Tour! Is this your first blog tour?

Thank you for having me as part of the IBC tour! 
No, this is not my first tour, it's my second. I was part of the IBC Tour de Force blog tour in January. We had a fun time then, in a slightly different format where we each had our own day and promoted like crazy to draw readers to our site. I had almost 800 hits that day and close to 100 original comments. It was incredible. This time, the IBC has decided to pair us authors up and pit us against each other in an exciting cage-match atmosphere. The goal is to try to get more original comments on our blogs, but in truth, it's all about co-promoting and sharing readers. I'm excited to see how this tour is different than the last.

I know spring is still new, but I'm begging for some heat and in a few months it'll be summer. Do you have any plans for this summer?

I'm going to Deadwood and the surrounding Black Hills area for a ten-day book signing tour. I will be seeing old friends and making new ones. I can't wait to return to the setting of Nearly Departed in Deadwood and soak it all up-the sights, the smells, the fun.

For those who haven't read 'Nearly Departed in Deadwood', can you tell us a little about it?

Nearly Departed in DeadwoodSure. Irony is having a big ol' fiesta and Violet Parker is the piñata. Little girls are vanishing from Deadwood, South Dakota, and Violet's daughter could be next.  Short on time and long on worry, she's desperate to find the monster behind the abductions.  But with her jerkoff co-worker trying to get her fired, a secret admirer sending creepy love poems, and a sexy-as-hell stranger hiding skeletons in his closet, Violet just might end up as one of Deadwood's dearly departed.

"The first time I came to Deadwood, I got shot in the ass.-Violet Parker " - 
Violet Parker sounds like a unique and fun heroine. Do you have anything in common with her?

If I were a single mom in Violet's boots, I'd definitely drool over Wolfgang and Doc. Ha! Otherwise, we both have kids and very supportive family and friends. We both love Elvis, daisies, Humphrey Bogart movies, and any food with peanut butter and fudge in it. We are both fighters when it comes to our careers-her as a Realtor, me as an author. Like Violet, I usually try to find humor in bad situations. We are optimists at heart. Oh, and we both love purple cowboy boots, only she has a cool pair and I don't ... yet. J

I'm a sucker for good cover art and I really enjoy your cover for 'Nearly Departed in Deadwood'. Who's your cover designer?

My cover artist is C.S. Kunkle, aka my older brother. He and I have talked about working on a project together for years. When New York publishers kept turning me down, I began to think that maybe it was time for us to get

together and see what we could do. He drew the original art for the cover, then I handed that over to a couple of talented graphic artists: Mona Weiss, who took his drawing and really made the legs and scene look dramatic; and

Kathy Thomas, who designed the look and format of the cover around the legs picture. A final graphic artist, Tracy Hayes, then put it all in the proper software format for the printed version of the book. It truly takes a village when it comes to my books, including the cover. Tasha: (He did very well!) 

I read that you have an incredibly sassy cat. I also have a fantastic kitty! --->
(I had to show him off..;P)

Can you tell us a cute story about your kitty?

mail (640×480)Our cat likes to bring us "treats" from outside, like dead rats on the back

step that I nearly trip over on my way out the door to work in the morning.

Sometimes, what she brings us is still alive. One weekend, my stepmother was visiting and our cat walks in with a lizard in her mouth. She sets it down at my stepmom's feet, all happy to share her new toy. Its tail promptly

falls off. My stepmom was not nearly as excited to play with the lizard or its tail as our cat had hoped, and what followed was a lot of chasing and yelling and crashing. We never did figure out where the lizard went and if
it made it back outside or not.

Have you read any worth telling books lately?

I just finished A.M. Harte's HUNGRY FOR 
YOU, which is a collection of zombie short stories. It was a lot of fun and wonderfully written. Last week I read Gary Ponzo's A TOUCH OF DECEIT, which had me flipping pages as fast as I could read. The dialogue and suspense was excellent. Oh, and a few weeks ago I read John Klawitter's THE FREIGHT TRAIN OF LOVE. I thought about that story for days afterward. It was incredibly heart-warming and showed me a side of Vietnam I hadn't read about or seen before.

Who's your favorite couple duo from a series? Ex: Cat and Bones from The

Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost

Brendan Fraser (Rick O'Connell) and Maria Bello (Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell) in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)
I have to fall back on movies rather than books, because I'm a big movie nut. My favorite couple duo is Rick O'Connell and Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy series.

Tasha:(..Believe it or not Ann, but Brendan Fraser is a distant cousin of mine. lol.. His grandmother lived 5 minutes away from me until she passed a few years ago. Anyway,
I love him acting and I love the Mummy movies too! I also Loved Rachel Weisz and Him.) 

Are you currently working on anything?

I'm finishing the final edits of the second book in my Deadwood Mystery Series, OPTICAL DELUSIONS IN DEADWOOD. I'm also in the process of writing the third book of the series, A DEAD CASE IN DEADWOOD. I'd like to work on some edits of a book from another series of mine set in Arizona that Corvallis Press is considering publishing, but finding the time is tough right now. In short, I'm busy enough to stay out of trouble ... most of the time. ;)

Thanks again for stopping by! You rock!

Thank you, again. Let me know if there is anything else you need from me and when you need it by. I appreciate the fun questions!

I'll be posting my review as soon as I can. It was a fantastic read and I recommend you check it out...



For more on Ann and her work, go to her website HERE.
For her Twitter, click  HERE.


Gigi Murfittt said...

Natasha, thanks for the great interview of Ann Charles. I've read Nearly Departed in Deadwood and loved it. My neighborhood book club is currently reading it the comments thus far are the same. They LOVE it and have become Violet Parker fans.

Ann Charles said...

Natasha, I'm so jealous that you have a tie to Brendan Frasier! I was just drooling over him last week while watching The Mummy again. Thank you for the fun interview! Thank you also for sponsoring me on the blog tour!! Ann C.

Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiner's Book Blog) said...

Love that quote :)
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

Wow, your brother helped with the cover design. That's amazing and super cool!

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