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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review: Book Of Secrets

Book Of SecretsBook Of Secrets by Lloyd Bradley, Thomas Eaton, Emma Hooley, Patrick Humphries, Charlotte Williamson

My rating: 

The world is full of secrets: secret plots, secret locations, secret recipes, secret to talking with girls...and this book is stuffed with them. And it's such a tiny book, that you can learn about all these secrets in secret. Shhhh

My Review:

Now I know all! *looks around*
I'll tell you what I think, but shhhh don't tell!

This was a light, fun read. Don't get me wrong, not all the stories were 'light' times in history. I took this with me on my trip to Cuba and loved that I could just pick it up and learn another secret from history.
My finance and I were sharing some great secrets to others on the beach, some got some laughs, others got some shocked faces, no matter the secret, it was fun to read. Lay it on the table, bathroom, anywhere. It's small but packs a punch! I recommend it to anyone interested in tidbits, but doesn't want to read more than a few pages of each.

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