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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review: Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn Cameron

Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn Cameron

My rating: 

This book is one you don`t want to miss! 

Pages: 232

Extras: A Nathan-centric short story called Thrall.

After three hundred years of unlife, vampire Zara Lain has seemingly done it all, and she's now making a living as a successful thief-turned-assassin. Her newest assignment seems simple enough--kill the aging leader of the O'Connor Coven and his only heir, and she'll have another ten million in the bank.
But in the dangerous world of the supernatural, few things are ever "simple."
When a massive assault decimates the continent's population of powerful witches and warlocks, and its orchestrator has Vampires being hunted down and captured, Zara realizes the tables have turned and now she'll be playing the hero. Forced to join with a smart-mouthed fellow vampire, a demonologist who's also a fan of hers, a recently widowed--and frequently brooding--warlock, and her best friend's mom, Zara's grudgingly willing to do what she can to save the day. If only people would stop ruining all her outfits...

A dark and gorgeous heroine that will have you enthralled in minutes.

When I received this novel, the first thing I thought was that this would be a quick, light read for before bed. What I didn't expect was that this would be so engrossing, that I'd wish for a few hundred more pages.

Zara Lain is a tough, blood thirsty, vampire assassin, who will forever be trapped in a seventeen year old body, no matter how old she truly is. But, don't let looks fool you. She a deadly, killing machine and won't hesitate to take out those who get in her way.

Yes, she can be a arrogant and self centered, but we get to see deeper into her past throughout the novel and I can tell you, when you get to know her better, it makes a difference.

The secondary characters are excellent. No matter if they had good intentions or not, each were very well written. Nathan is one that's hard to forget though, huh? The "recently widowed-and frequently brooding-warlock" was a great addition to the story. The chemistry between Zara and Nathan is engrossing. I loved it. When you read this novel you'll think the same thing as I did, which was, "What next?"

The banter and whit in this story really made it enjoyable and added just the right amount of lightness to this dark read. I recommend that you check out this novel, asap. 

Check it out below!

I'll post about my upcoming interview with Skyla Dawn Cameron.

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Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh Natasha! Sooooo glad you loved this one too! :) I loved it. Zara is a great character and Nathan... well all I can say is yum. ;D Great review! And I agree, one to not pass up people!

24 hour printing London said...

I loved bloodlines review,i wants to check out this novel...

Watch Movies Free said...

i agree with most answers hell is darkness thus could be down heaven is in varieing stages of light thus up much as the rings of saturn only heavenly and hellish places lie above specific zones as our muslem bro told

Barossa Tours said...

never played dissidia but assassins creed 2 is definately better than the first, it's much less repetitive. I still thought the first one was pretty cool though...

Garage said...

I loved it. Zara is a great character and Nathan... well all I can say is yum. ;D Great review! And I agree, one to not pass up people!

outdoor furniture said...

never like this type of stories as they can demoralize something.

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