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Monday, July 4, 2011

Computer problems again!

It seems that every time I turn around my computer is broke. In the last year my laptops hardrive broke and I lost all my data on my computer, then my charger broke and I had to order a new one and NOW my screen is cracked and needs to be replaced. My mother accidentally fell on it and when I opened it up I was dreading to see the screen. Once it was open all my breath puffed out of me. *sighs* It was depressing, but thankfully my fiancees mother has an extra laptop I can borrow while I get mine fixed, so I won't be completely lost. Thank you Iris! Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know why, yet again I was M.I.A for a few days. I apologize and I promise to get back on schedule asap!


James Garcia Jr said...

Very sorry to hear of the issues that you have had, Natasha. I have had two viruses in the past year or so, and it can be incredibly frustrating when things interfere with schedules like that. I hope you find yourself in a long string of good luck soon...
I've been terrible of late, not visiting blogs the way I would like. I'm hoping today is the start of a new era of networking. We'll see.
Have a good day and a great week!

-James Garcia Jr, Author of "Dance on Fire".

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