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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fairy Tales with real life endings...

I stumbled across a few of these photos before, but I haven't found the website until today. Although I love both the original and Disney take on fairy tales, this is very unique. I think Bill Willingham would especially like these. And if that wasn't cool enough, then I find out the photographer is a fellow Canadian who is based in Vancouver, B.C. 
Dina Goldstein's Fallen Princess is a modern day look at how the princess would survive in our environment this day and age.
Here's a sneak peek..

17311051364972c2b1c3f0p.jpg (640×425)

Now check out her website! You'll be amazed. 


Kelly said...

This is awesome! The Ariel and Jasmine photos are my favorite, although I have to admit that having ammo wrapped around Jasmine's neck kind of bugs me. I think the photo would have been more effective if she just had the gun and not all the ammo. But that's just me.

Kristina said...

Those are some very entertaining photos

Natalie Valdes said...

Love these!!

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

wow these are insane! btw, I know I ahvent been here in forver, but I love the new look =D


Natasha said...

They are pretty awesome, huh? Not a problem Larissa, glad to have you back! :)

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