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Friday, August 26, 2011

Historical Romance Event- Interview with Gwyn Cready

Welcome Gwen! Thanks for stopping by!

How’s summer been treating you?

Gwyn-Cready-500x334.png (500×334)Summer's been great. I turned in the book that will come out in 2012 at the end of June and I'm excited about my October 25 release, A Novel Seduction.A Novel Seduction is my first foray into contemporary romance. It's about literary critic at a snobby New York magazine who screws up at work. Her punishment is to write an article about why women love romance novels. Since she considers romances to be the literary equivalent of Word Search puzzles, she has no idea why. Fortunately, her ex-boyfriend, the photographer assigned to the story, is able to funnel his sister's favorite romances to her. While she finds herself falling in love with romances, much to her surprise, he takes lessons from the hero in his sister's favorite book, Kiltlander, in the art of winning a woman's heart.

It's very witty and romantic, and best of all, I managed to get Axel, the very sexy photographer boyfriend, into a kilt for the entire last third of the book. Which resulted in an AMAZING cover. It's my first kilt cover and I'm very happy. 

Me: Woo! 

Have you read any exciting new releases this summer?

fiery-cross-diana-gabaldon-paperback-cover-art.jpg (200×328)
Believe it or not, I don't have a lot of time to read. I am listening to Diana Gabaldon's Fiery Cross as I walk each
 morning, though it's hardly new. And I squeezed in quick 
reads of the latest releases from Janet Evanovich and Michael Connelly while on vacation.

I’m very excited for you newest novel, “A Novel Seduction" which will be released in October.
Can you describe the heroine for us?

The heroine of A Novel Seduction is Ellery Sharpe. She goes through an amazing transformation as she discovers how much romances have to offer (and how much Axel does as well.) And discovering this about herself changes her from an uptight goody-goody to a woman who's willing to cut loose,  trust her instincts and really love.

Every woman has a book that made her fall in love with romance novels. The story in A Novel Seduction was inspired by mine.

I think I’ve said this a million times, but I’m such a sucker for good cover art and your covers are 
always eye catching. Who’s your cover designer?

Lisa Litwack at Simon & Schuster does an amazing job. She has a great team working with her, and together they come up with one great idea after another. I literally whooped when I first saw the cover of A Novel Seduction.

If you had to choose a author to collaborate with, ( that you haven’t before) who would you choose?

Since I adore Michael Connelly's detective, Harry Bosch, I'm going to have to say Michael Connelly. Unfortunately, I went to hear Michael Connelly speak once, and he was asked if he would ever collaborate with another writer. He said he thought it would be impossible. Kinda bummed me out.

Which author(s) were the ones to make you fall in love with historical romance?
outlander_dg.gif (700×610)
Diana Gabaldon's Outlander not only made me fall in love 
with romances, it made me want to become a writer as well. Bless you, Jamie Fraser!

If you had to choose a time period, any one whatsoever, which period would you choose? 

Well, most of my time travels involve someone going back to the late seventeenth or early eighteenth century, so I'd probably pick 1700, just to split the difference. It would be fun to find out how close or far off my assumptions about that time period are. I'm hoping your what-if allows me to return, however. I'm smart enough to know I wouldn't want to live in 1700 forever. I'm too attached to things like laptops, air conditioning and blow dryers to give any of them up long term.

Thank you for stopping by Gwyn! You rock!


jackie b central texas said...

Oh how nice to meet another Harry Bosch and Jamie Fraser fan. Nice interview Natasha thanks for introducing me to Gwyn and Gwyn too bad the cat was not looking up it is gorgeous!

Tasha my post was resent a few minutes ago, hope you have time to mess with it as it is HTML and ready to go.

Gwyn Cready said...

Thanks, Jackie. That's Mocha, our Himalayan.

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