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Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: Pariah issue #2 by Aron Warner

Aron Warner's Pariah issue #2Aron Warner's Pariah issue #2 by Aron Warner

My rating: 
This book is one you don`t want to miss! 

Pages: 32

Brent Marks is not a freak. He is one of the Pariah, a group of teens who become extremely intelligent after being cured of a genetic disorder. Although in most ways a normal teen, Brent is considered dangerous and is tracked down by the government who see these kids as an enormous threat. Can he evade them? What do they have planned for Brent and the others?

Aron Warner is the Academy Award®-winning producer of the animated blockbuster “Shrek” series. Mr. Warner joined PDI/Dreamworks in 1997 working as the producer on the animated film, Antz. He is currently in partnership with director Andrew Adamson in Strange Weather where they and partner Jeff Fierson are developing a slate of live action and animated feature films and television shows. He, producing alongside James Cameron, just wrapped the Untitled Cirque Du Soleil 3-D project, which was written and directed by Adamson. Pariah is his first graphic novel series.

Since I read Pariah issue #2 before #1 I was a bit confused at first, but aside from that it was pretty good. Aron Warner is the Oscar Winning Producer of the SHREK franchise, so I wanted to check it out. After reading the second issue, I will be reading the first for sure.

The artwork is great in the comic, but what really pulled me in was the dialogue. With so little so say, Aron Warner can really pack a punch with his words. He's also quite witty.

"A week ago, I'd never given a single thought on how I might be able to make a grown man shit himself." I giggled at that part.

As comic issues go, I really enjoyed what I read and plan on reading more.

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Denise Z said...

I will definitely have to look this one up :)Thanks for sharing.

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