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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Review: A Family Affair (Cassandra Palmer, #4.5) by Karen Chance

A Family Affair (Cassie Palmer #4.5)A Family Affair by Karen Chance

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Frigging Amazing! Why did it have to end?! 
A John Pritkin short and a prequel to Shadowland.
"A Family Affair" is a novella set between Curse the Dawn, Cassie Palmer #4, and Hunt the Moon, Cassie Palmer #5. It contains spoilers for Cassie Palmer books 1-4.

Both stories will be available for free on Karen Chance's website.

'Family Affair' is an 80 page short story that takes up after 'Curse the Dawn' by Karen Chance.

A free short story is always fun, but a free Pritikin story is even better. Pritikin is honestly one of my favorite male characters I've read ever. I loved that when Cassie and Pritikin switched bodies in Curse the Dawn, you got to see into Pritikins mind and find out what he's really thinking. He's a fascinating character whose loyal, strong and although he's not traditionally handsome, he is striking. He's also half war mage and half incubus, so that really mixes things up, especially when he tries his best to hide his demon side. As characters goes, he's top notch, so to read extra stories with him is a pleasure.

This short story features Pritikin, Cassie, Rosier and surprisingly a great deal of Casanova. I was glad to see more of him than usual, since he usually makes his appearances but he got a lot of face time for this story. Although, he did complain a lot. *laughs* I guess he's just a prima donna.

"Casanova didn’t even bother to respond to that. Instead, he pulled the little silk pocket square out of his coat and made a point of placing it exactly in the center of the nearest sort-of-flat rock he could find. He smoothed it out, sat his Gucci-covered ass on it and looked at her. Calmly, considering that he really didn’t see how this could get any worse."

Too funny!

That being said, this story has action, suspense, horror and some tricky feelings. If you read the Cassandra Palmer novels, then I recommend you read it and take a look into the mind of Pritikin. It's not as scary as you'd think. At least most of the time it isn't... :)

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