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Thursday, October 20, 2011

2nd Ann. Halloween Extravaganza! Zombie Week- Character Profile

Character Profile for Zombie week is Randall from The Ugly Americas 

Randall, Randall, Randall. What isn't awesome about you?

Randall Skeffington
Wikipedia says:
Randall Skeffington (Voiced by Kurt Metzger) - Mark's roommate, who became a zombie in an attempt to win over a cute girl with a zombie fixation, only to find out she had moved on to warlocks. Now, the unemployed and undead Randall spends his days doing odd jobs to pay the rent. Randall hails from South Jersey, a fiercely anti-zombie community, so he has been forced to hide his condition from his parents (especially his father, who fought in the Human-Zombie Civil War). Due to his zombie nature, Randall is frequently losing body parts to decay, forcing him to find replacements at local flea markets. Like other zombies, Randall finds the smell and taste of human flesh appealing. In "Treegasm", Randall's peniswas shown to be a living creature in its own right. He has admitted that he has been living his sexual life so long that he is indiscriminate in choosing sexual partners, in one instance a toaster. He sometimes gets cravings for flesh, causing him to go temporarily insane with desire, and is in a program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous to deal with his cravings (mentioned in "An American Werewolf in America"). He has rarely missed an opportunity to consume Mark's body parts when it appeared he had been killed or otherwise didn't need them. In "Blob Gets Job", he mentions to Mark that he only has two working taste buds. He also has a bad habit of using Mark's things without permission. 

Randall was my favorite zombie character since Ugly Americans was released. Yes, I love many, many zombie character, but Randall is hilarious. 
Randall 'went zombie' to impress a girl he liked. Turned out she was only into zombies for a moment. Randall and Mark are still ', but Randall doesn't know the meaning of "personal space". He likes to take videos of Mark and his girlfriend Callie doing ...personal things. 

"He is obsessed with sex, as he is willing to do almost anyone or anything. In fact, he has done a toaster (he believed it to be a robot chick), an elephant woman (she was really grotesque), and an unknown creature that had a face as a crotch and about 8 breasts. He has also contracted almost every sexual disease in the book. In the episode "Demon Baby" he attempted to record Mark "pounding Callie's three hole" after which Callie became disgusted and left. In the episode "Treegasm" he instantly became freaked out when he learned his penis was missing (it ran away due to constant abuse)." -Ugly Americans Wiki

                                                                             I can't say anything I don't like about Randall. He always has a new scheme he drags Mark into and he always makes me laugh. Yes, he's pretty much an a**, but that's what makes Randall, Randall.

Check out Ugly American's here.


throuthehaze said...

Great post! I love this show and Randall is one of my favorite characters :)

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