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Thursday, October 20, 2011

2nd Ann. Halloween Extravaganza! Zombie Week- Guest Post & Giveaway

Hi everyone! Today I have a guest post! Steph from Paper Cut Reviews is visiting! 

Welcome Steph!

Howdy my lovely ghouls! Today I am cross posting on Natasha's blog and Paper Cut Reviews to celebrate both our Halloween events. I've been thinking that all my obsessive knowledge of Vampires and Zombies needs to be put to the test. What better way to do that then by creating a battle scene, *sneaky grin* yes, you heard correctly a BATTLE! A Blood Sucker against the Flesh Eater(s) but who will be the victor? Read each creature's bio below and choose wisely. If you ask me I think that...well you didn't think I would actually tell you so soon did you? What would be the fun in that...Muuaahhhhaaa! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! *whispers* There will be a giveaway at the end of this post *wink*.

Battle of the Undead: Vampire vs Zombie(s)

Blood Sucker Bio: Tall dark-haired and pale skinned creature living for centuries. Faking it's death and reinventing itself as the centuries go by. They could of been your brothers in arms, a long lost ancestor or your next door neighbor. They lure you into their lair with charm almost as if you have been hypnotize. You try to flee, but their speed is unmatched. You try to fight, but their strength unimaginable. Their rich red eyes gaze into yours as they watch and smell your warm fresh blood pulsate through your veins, your flesh. Their mouths salivate as they unleash their fangs. Now you've only two options: allow them to drain you completely bone dry of your blood or let them feed and allow to join them in their dominance of the human race.

Flesh Eater Bio: A horrific decaying creature with the urge to feed. Stares you down with a widening desire. Drags that lifeless body to a halt and turns while it moans, grunts and drools. You now become its prey... you've become their prey. One becomes a couple. A couple becomes a few... several... hundreds. They work in herds like wolves. They entrap you, surround you... engulf you with no where to turn. One by one, you're clawed at, scratched, flesh being torn off your living body, flesh being eaten like savages. Left for dead, you realize there is only one thing you can do... succumb to the infection and live like them.
Battle Scene
In a time where nations are fighting for survival, in the deep and darkest days, the vampire and zombie are no longer the hunter... they've also become the prey. The days of the human race are dwindling. We are far and few between, yet they are plenty and bountiful. They can no longer survive by hunting us, they must hunt each other. As the vampire thirsts for blood, it must forage for the first available prey. And in doing so, it has tunneled its vision upon a walking dead. It stalks it's prey for some time and waits for the precise time to attack. Upon taking action the vampire is blindsided by several zombies. They start to claw and rip the vampire's flesh. With it's brute strength, the vampire proceeds to decapitate the closest zombies, but by now several has become hundreds. Hordes and hordes of zombies until the night's horizon. Can a singular supernatural vampire defeat the monstrous number of zombies?

Giveaway info *Read the entire post please*

Two gruesome creatures battle for survival but who do you think will win? Please we love comments so share your thoughts with us. Oh wait would a giveaway entice you to join in on this discussion? *nodding my head* I thought it might. Okay depending on which side you are voting for (Vampire or Zombie) you will get a gift pack according to that vote. For example if you vote vampire then you will get the vampire gift pack if your name is randomly chosen. The same if you vote Zombie. Okay here are the gift packs (I will choose two winners one from my blog and one from Natasha's blog): Vampire gift pack *Vampire mug with cozy and one vampire themed book (your choice)* and the Zombie gift pack *Zombie mug with cozy and zombie themed book (your choice)*. Okay all you have to do to enter is leave your vote (Vampire or Zombie) and reason why (question is above) with your email addy. Giveaway is open to everyone and ends November 1st. 

***Remember I am cross posting this so either enter this giveaway on Paper Cut Reviews or on A Great Book Is The Cheapest Vacation but not both! ***

Thanks Natasha for having me over on your blog! I had a great time =) Everyone have a Horrific Halloween! *wicked smile*

Thank you Steph! You rock!


SandyG265 said...

I'd vote for the vampire because they can think and use tools. A vampire wouldn't just have to stand there and duke it out.

sgiden at

BlackWolf said...

i think the same as SandyG265. and why can't be the vampires in groups?, it's more easy to hunt. and i don't think the vampires would like the "dead blood" of a zombie

vote for vampires :p


Michelle Greathouse said...

I love this question and I honestly have two different answers. LOL

If the zombies are the new kind like say from the movie 28 Weeks - those critters can truck and a horde of them may be able to take down a vampire and rip him to pieces.

On the other hand, if the zombies are the slow moving kind, like from The Walking Dead, then a vampire could tear their heads off and go on about his/her business.

But if I had to pick one - I'd go with the vampire over the zombie. Just on principle.

[email protected]

Megan @Reading Away The Days said...

Ohh it depends on what the Zombie was like if it was a Zombie that walked slow and all Zombie like LOL I dont think it could win againest a vampire. If it was a vampire like resident evil, 28 days Zombie maybe it could beat a vampire. I am getting into too much detail. OK I say Vampire after all that LOL.

[email protected]

sablelexi said...

I would have to go with the Zombies. First of all, no matter how much damage they sustain they will continue to move forward until the end. Secondly I tend to think that if you ingest zombie blood, you have a descent chance of catching the infection. I mean I assume since its transmitted from saliva to blood, then blood contains it as well, and vampires don't ingest blood like humans do, the blood in their veins is the blood they ingest.

jlynettes @ hotmail . com

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Vampires rule so they would definitely beat out zombies anytime. Vamps are tough and conniving and
would run circles around zombies.

mnjcarter said...

Okay, this may be a different reason but, vampires are so prolific in tv and books, zombies not so much. Don't really know alot about zombies, do know alot about vamps(fictionally speaking). They are all powerful, all knowing, so I would go with vamps.

[email protected]

Barbara E. said...

I think vampires are much more powerful and have enhanced senses. Zombies are slow, dull and mindless, so vampires would run rings around them. I'd definitely choose vampires.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Bethany C. said...

Vampires- they're faster and likely smarter, with a lot more experience.


miki said...

i answerred on the paper cut review so i just wanted to say Thank you for this giveaway

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