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Friday, October 21, 2011

2nd Ann. Halloween Extravaganza! Zombie Week- History of Zombies

'Night of the Living Dead'There's many versions of zombies. Most versions are the brain eaters. "brrraaaaaaaiiinnsss"
Dead humans who reawaken as the 'living dead', who crave flesh and brains. Not much can stop these zombies. The usual way of a full death to a zombie is to cut off it's head.

Some movies have other types of these same zombies. Where body parts come to life to kill. Ex: Re-animator, Evil Dead, etc. Those are zombies also, but they are more of animated corpses than brain eating zombies. 

Some novels/movies I've came across have more interactive zombies. The living dead who can live a somewhat normal life. A somewhat slower, less sociable than a human type of being, but no brrraaaiiiiinnn cravings. Ex: Generation Dead by Daniel Waters.

Image DetailThere are more serious beliefs of zombies, mostly based with the Haitian people.The Haitian zombies have no resemblance to the zombies of Hollywood and is actually more frightening. It's said that a zombie is a reanimated corpse that has been brought back to life to serve as a slave for a voodoo priest/priestess.
"Haitian ZombiesZombies are common in Haitian stories and folklore. Researchers studying Haitian culture have related countless tales of bodies brought back to life by bokor, or sorcerers. These zombies are mindless slaves. They are not self-aware and are not particularly dangerous unless fed salt, which restores their senses. These stories are widespread and similar to urban legends -- they prey on the listener's deepest fears and seem believable in spite of their improbability." - How Stuff Works/Zombies
"Haitian voodoo is one most powerful arts practiced by Houngans, Haitian Voodoo Priests. A Voodoo Priest is someone you do not want to meet or make acquaintance with. Your very mention of name or seen in sight can make you one of their next targets. Remember not all Voodoo Priests are evil, but we as Man, possess some of the most awful of vices and greed is one of them. In the mid 1900s the Houngans would target unsuspecting people, and cast an evil spell upon them. This spell would make them weaker and more susceptible for zombification." Source:

There are many novels on the Haitian Zombies, but one of the top ones is Passage of Darkness by Wade Davis

He claims:

-There are zombies
-however, there are actually very very few of them
-they are created in part by a poisoned powder
-however, they are created in part by the effects of the culture
-zombies are created when a person first falls into a death-like trance which is both drug and culturally induced
-then is revived and kept under the control of the houngan by the use of other drugs
-zombies are created by Voodoo priests who are members of the Bizango secret societies
-Bizango societies constitute a totally secret and hidden other government beneath the surface of Haitian society
-zombification is not random nor for profit or personal vendetta
-zombification is the ultimate punishment to someone who has seriously violated the law of the Bizango society

This history is very interesting and I plan on reading up on it much more. I will be watching an episode of Dark Matters later tonight, which will be taking about the Haiti Zombies.

Here's a short clip:


throuthehaze said...

I've seen a documentary about this. Interesting but scary :)

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

The possibility of this isn't as scary as it once was.

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