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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2nd Ann. Halloween Extravaganza! Interview with Lee Nichols

Welcome Lee!

Lee Nichols

Lee Nichols, the author of five novels for adults, is now also writing novels for teens. Published by Bloomsbury Books, DECEPTION and BETRAYAL are the first and second in a trilogy about Ghostkeepers. The third in the series, SURRENDER, is coming in December of 2011.

This is a duo interview with myself and Rosey as the interviews! Check hers out here. Rosey and myself will be reviewing Deception by Lee on Friday!

Natasha: What are your plans for Halloween this year?

My son is almost seven, so trick or treating with him and some friends. He says he wants to be something "spooky" this year. And wants a store-bought costume, which goes against the grain, but it's his holiday. We'll be making the trip to Target.

Rosey: What is the scariest place you have ever been?

Hmm. Good question. I tend not to go to scary places. I've actually left movies, because they were too scary--and sad to say, we're not talking horror films. Part of being a writer is having a rich imagination, so all that stuff feels too real to me.

Natasha: What was your most favorite or embarrassing costume you've ever worn for Halloween?

I was Little Bo Peep when I was about seven. I had this fantastic dress with ruffles, a stuffed lamb and a real shepherd's crook with a gorgeous silk bow tied around it. In the years following, nothing ever lived up to that.

Natasha: Aw! Now, I wish I had a photo. :)

Rosey: What made you want to write YA since you started out writing adult novels?

I was reading a loving a lot of YA and when I read and love a lot of something, I tend to want to write it.

DeceptionNatasha: How would you describe Emma's character?

She's fiercely loyal, funny, vulnerable and kicks a lot of evil ghost-butt.


Rosey: Haunting Emma is a trilogy and the last book 'Surrender' is out this December. Will we be seeing more YA Paranormal from you?

Not at the moment. I'm going a completely different direction. So far, that I'll probably be writing under a pen name.

Natasha: When your not writing, what do you like to do with your spare time?

I'm a pretty boring person. I'm usually just hanging out with family and friends, watching favorite TV shows, walking the dogs and reading. Oh, I like eating too. And coffee.

Rosey: Best movie you watched this year?

I loved In Bruges on DVD. I think the last movie I saw in the theater was Bridesmaids, which is hilarious.

Natasha: I LOVED Bridesmaids. It was the first movie I lol'd to throughout the whole movie, in a while.

What are the top ten countries you want to visit?

In no particular order (and I've already been to some of these places and want to go back):

New Zealand

Thanks for stopping by Lee! You rock!

Thanks for having me!

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