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Monday, October 10, 2011

2nd Ann. Halloween Extravaganza! Creatures week - Character Profile

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian's today! It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the fall/Halloween decorations are up and kids are running around outside having fun. *smiles* 

I had one fantastic turkey dinner a few hours ago and in another hour, I'll be having another.
Gotta love Thanksgiving! 


Today is the start of our Creatures of the week. Our kick off post is character profile. My favorite creatures character is Algaliarept (Al), the demon from Kim Harrison's Hollow series. 

Wikipedia says:

A 5,000 year old demon whose job and livelihood depends on tricking susceptible victims into the Ever-After for servitude through cunning manipulation. Al is typically shown as a tall, muscled Britishman who has long brown hair, wears smoked-rim glasses, and dresses in a crushed green velvet, laced outfit with boots. Several characters throughout the series have owed Al demon marks or have had dealings with him.

Honestly, I love Al's character. I know he can be a d*ck, but come on, he's a demon. He is what he is. What I thought was neat was his new, softer feelings towards Rachel. No, he's not acting all romantic or mushy, but he's showing some feeling for her and it opens a whole new light for his character.

I have to admit, when I read her novels, I read them for Al, Jenks and Trent. I love Rachel and Ivy, but the guys are my main addiction. Al- the dark yet mysterious demon. Jenks- the hilarious kick a** pixy. And Trent, the cranky jerk of an elf, who can be sweet and is always interesting. I'd love to see all three in a car driving across the country! *laughs*

Al, over all is a brilliant character! He always brings something new to the table and his humor is dark and fresh. Who else loves Al and the guys? 


Rosey said...

Love Al!!!!!

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