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Friday, October 14, 2011

2nd Ann. Halloween Extravaganza! Creatures week - History of Vlad Tepes

Image DetailVlad Tepes -History of the invention of Dracula

Honestly, this is a topic where we could write pages and pages, but because of time and frankly, I'm super tired. *laughs*

 There's many different tales of Vlad's tale and what I write may or may not be the truth. We were told so many versions of his story that some is bound to be wrong and some is bound to be right. Unfortunately. 

Vlad Tepes was known as the "Impaler". He was born in Transylvania during the winter of 1431 and died on 1476. Stoker's vampire "Dracula" was loosely based on Vlad, but in reality, he was nowhere near as viscous. Stoker's Dracula was a fantastic, classic character but he was more of a mysterious, misjudged character who only fed to survive. Vlad Tepes, was a murderer for his own pleasures. It's said he did sometimes eat the victims like Dracula, but he mainly killed for the thrill. 

The name 'Dracula' was applied to Vlad during his lifetime. Dracula is from the Romanian word "dracul," which is interpreted as either "devil" or "Dragon".  He was named the impaler, because of his most popular method to kill and for being such a cruel leader. Vlad has spilled more amounts of blood than we could ever imagine. 

Image Detail"Vlad's favorite form of torture, impalement, consisted of forcing a victim to sit on a sharp and thick stake. The rank of the victim determined how high the stake was erected with servants being a few feet above the ground - just tall enough so when their feet reached the soil, they'd already be dead. According to some historians, when Vlad left the 20,000 enemy soldiers to rot, another army came looking for him. They cried when they saw the "forest of rotting men" and promptly returned home. Vlad especially enjoyed to have a feast 
while he watched his victims be tortured. In one story, when Vlad asked a noble member whom he was having the feast with if he liked the smell of the rotting men and the man said no, Vlad ordered him impaled higher than anyone else so the "smell wouldn't reach him"."

Frankly, I don't know that much about the real Vlad, I'd love to pick up a book of his history and learn more interesting facts. No matter how evil or sadistic he was I can see why they choose such a tyrant to be the inspiration of Dracula and vampires.  He's a being who would haunt your dreams and will always be in our history as a vicious, evil killer. 

Some facts about Vlad Tepes:
-Vlad's first wife committed suicide, his brother was buried alive and his father was assassinated. Vlad was surrounded with tragedy which probably propelled his desire for blood.

-According to some members of Dracula's castle (now non-existent, see below), Dracula was said to make a meal out of the blood and flesh that he collected from his impaled victims.

-It is estimated that Vlad killed some 20,000 men, women and children - the amount of people he killed varies from anywhere between 20,000 to 500,000. He showed no mercy and often tortured his enemies before killing them.

-At the same time that Vlad became notorious for his sadism, he was also respected by his subjects because of his fierce campaigns against the Turks. He was a respected as a warrior and a stern ruler who tolerated no crime against his people, and during his reign erected several monasteries. He was a hero that was both worshiped and feared by his people.

-Vlad the Impaler -Tepes (pronounced tzse-pesh) was born in the town of Sighisoara in Transylvania (now known as northern Romania) in 1431 and later ruled the area of Southern Romania known as Wallachia. His father was Vlad Dracul who was a knight in the Order of the Dragon which was a union of central and Eastern European rulers who were a tad worried about the rising Ottoman empire.

A story I seen a a few pages I wanted to share:


Vlad was generally known as a fierce and honest leader. Vlad was said to have been so confident that no thief would dare challenge him knowing they would be brutally killed that he placed a golden cup on display in the central square of Tirgoviste. The cup was never stolen and remained where it was untouched throughout Vlad's reign.

I have heard another version of this story that he had a fountain in a far off place with pure and cold water that travellers visited often to drink from. The gold cup was placed at the fountain for any who chose to drink from it. It was also never stolen and always returned back to its place at the fountain.

Some vlad like costumes:
Victorian Vampire (My favorite type)
Image Detail

Vampire with cape - Most popular throughout history
Image Detail

The Real Vlad Tepes costume
Image Detail


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Love the vampire costumes, especially the Victorian vamp. The only problem with the third is that if you dressed up in that for a costume party, I don't think anyone would recognize what you were.

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