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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2nd Ann. Halloween Extravaganza! Interview & Giveaway with Allison Pang

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Welcome back Allison! Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks for having me! :D

Are you excited for Halloween? What's your plans?
I don't have any specific plans - most of Halloween these days centers around the kids (they're always excited, so it's nice to get caught up in their fun.

What's your most embarrassing or favorite costume you've worn on Halloween?
Oh goodness - high school - I was on some sort of float for a parade and I think I wore super-tight spandex pants...and about 500 rubber bands in my hair, which was really long. I basically made a pole of hair coming off the top of my head with a tuft at the end. (Very Dr. Seuss, I guess.) Think my face was completely painted blue too. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking either...  >_<

Natasha: I just LOL'd.

What's your favorite paranormal creature?
Unicorns, of course. ;-)

I love that you have a unicorn in your novels. You don't read about those everyday. Why a unicorn?
I was completely obsessed with them as a kid. When it came time to give Abby a sidekick, it just made perfect sense. (And the fact that he's small makes it practical.)

I love Abby's hair! Have you ever colored your hair similar to hers?
No...but I kind of want to. I could totally see cosplaying Abby at a con one of these days - I'd totally do it then...

If Abby was going to dress up in costume for Halloween, what do you think she's go as?
Hmm...well technically she dresses up as a pirate at the end of A Brush of Darkness, but I honestly think she'd go for something simple and easy to do. She's surrounded by so much magical stuff on a daily basis that she can't really compete with, so I don't think she'd try for anything to crazy.

I know A Sliver of Shadow isn' being released until March of 2012, but can you give us a little something to hold us over? Anything at all!
Well, a lot of people ask me if we're going to see Brystion again...and we are. Not as much as we do in BoD, but he does make his mark, particularly in the second half of the book. But no fear, fangirls - lots more Brystion to come in the third book!

Besides A Sliver of Shadow, are you working on anything else right now?
Actually SoS is pretty much done - so I'm working on the third book in the series (currently untitled), as well as a Melanie short story, and the beginnings of a steampunk fantasy thing that I'm really excited about.

Thanks for stopping by Allison! You rock!

Allison has generously offered one winner heir choice between signed copy of A Brush of Darkness OR a signed copy of A Sliver of Shadow!

Giveaway ends November 10th 

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Barbara E. said...

I really enjoyed A Brush of Darkness and I'm looking forward to more Abby and Phin in A Sliver of Shadow.

Calliope said...

Ooh! Can't wait for more Brystion - boy needs to get smacked upside the head. Angel & Buffy had a Hellmouth and Xander and that whole sent-him-to-hell, went-psycho-and-killed-her-friends thing. Ion and Abby are minus those issues!

Melliane said...

I really like the first one and I'm curious to know what will happens now ! Thanks for the giveaway and the interview !

Melissa said...

Great interview...and I'd love to read Brush of Darkness!

♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

Anonymous said...

This would be a new author for me! [email protected]

elaing8 said...

Great interview.I have not read a book with a unicorn in it before.Looking forward to reading A Brush of Darkness.

sarah said...

omg i just finished readin unicorns VS zombies and unicorns won hands down against zombies! TEAM UNICORN!! lol really want a book since i love reading :)

Natasha said...

It really is an awesome read guys. I'm glad your all interested in it!

buddyt said...

Don;t see many books with unicorns in them anymore so it would be nice to read this one.

I will watch out for the steampunk you are writing as that is my favorite genre at the moment.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Sara M said...

There aren't nearly enough unicorns in UF!

Sara M
sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

PHIN! I loves phin!!!

You should totally do your hair like that. How fun!

[email protected] GREAT read said...

OOh I love this series! Of course we're only 1 book in but I really enjoyed it! Great interview!

Kara said...

Great interview.

whitewolfreads said...

I loved A Brush of Darkness and can't wait for A Sliver of Shadow! Thanks for sharing your embarrassing Halloween costume Allison, it definitely sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

I love Allison Pang. Brush of Darkness was great and I can't wait to read A Sliver of Shadow!

Nicole said...

Can't wait for SoS! Thanks for the interview :)

JenM said...

I've already got A Brush of Darkness and I'd love to win a copy of A Sliver of Shadow. Phineas is just too funny. Thanks for the interview and giveaway.

BlackWolf said...

great interview.. the unicorns in books are really rare :p..
thanks for the giveaway

Megan @Reading Away The Days said...

Great Interview!! I love Unicorns. So cute and mystical! I hope this giveaway is International :)

miki said...

i also hope this giveaway is international ^^
i would love to win book 1: a brush of darkness

thank you for making me discover this new serie

follower: isabelel frisch

Krissyp8 said...

I looooved A Brush with Darkness. I can't wait to read the next book. I need my Brystion fix.

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I've not read any of Pang's books yet definitely going to. Sounds like an awesome series. Can't wait for her steampunk book.
I'm a follower on GFC-Lisa Richards
Love, love, love finding new authors to add to my list.

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

I loved A Brush of Darkness. It was a great book and I am so dying to read A Sliver of Shadow and see what happens next. Congrats on this series, its fabulous!

LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

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