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Monday, October 3, 2011

2nd Annual Halloween Extravaganza- Ghost week! Character Profile

Hi everyone! I'm super excited for this months activities! Today is the kick-off of our 2nd Annual Halloween Extravaganza and we're happy you could all join us!

This week is Ghost week and today's post is a character profile on our favorite ghost!
When I think of ghosts, I think of Casper's uncles. Stinky, Fatso and Stretch. I know they aren't the ghosts I chose, but I had to give them some love. They're jerks, but I love them! Fatso is probably my favorite, but it's a close one. I can't wait to get my Casper movie out this month. It's time for another watch!

Now, when I think about ghosts from a book series, I think of Pierce from the Hollows series and Billy-Joe from the Cassandra Palmer series. It was close, but Billy-Joe's sarcasm won.

First, what Cassie says about Billy Joe:

   "I call Billy Joe my guardian spirit, but that isn’t entirely accurate.  He’s more of a pain in the ass who occasionally turns out to be useful, but right then I wasn’t feeling picky.  Billy is what remains of an Irish-American gambler who failed to lose the right hand of cards in 1858.  A couple of irate cowboys, who correctly assumed they’d been cheated, tied him into a sack and tossed it in the Mississippi.  Luckily for him, he’d recently relieved a visiting countess of a large, ugly necklace that served as a sort of supernatural battery, collecting magical energy from the natural world and storing it until needed.  When his spirit left his body, it came to rest in the necklace, which he haunted the same way other ghosts did more conventional things like crypts.  It gave him enough power to continue to exist, but it was my occasional donations of living energy that made him as mobile as he was.  I had found the necklace in a junk shop when I was seventeen, and Billy and I had been a team ever since. "

Billy-Joe is a ghost who can absorb energy from a living donor. He's Cassie's ghost sidekick and friend. He acts as her spy, which he's really good at, since almost all supernaturals can't see him.  He's first introduced in 'Touch the Dark' and I knew after reading "Hey, are you nekkid under there? ". I'd love him. He's always handy and quick to give a laugh.

Sometimes I feel bad for him though. Yes, he accepts that he's a ghost and he likes being Cassie's friend, but really, he's still a type of slave. He's trapped haunting a necklace, with only his trust in Cassie to keep it stored safely. One misplacement and he could be left "in some old lady's jewelry box in Podunk, USA, a hundred miles from nowhere!" 

Those thoughts aside, Billy-Joe's great. He may not be able to touch Cassie, but he sure did save her butt a time or two. I look forward to his quirks and witty come backs!  

Who's your favorite ghost?? 

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JenM said...

I agree with you, I love Billy Joe. He's the one constant that Cassie can always count on.

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