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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Interview & Giveaway with Jaye Wells!

About Jaye
After several years as a magazine editor and freelance writer, Jaye Wells finally decided to leave the facts behind and make up her own reality. Her overactive imagination and life-long fascination with the arcane and freakish blended nicely with this new career path. Her Sabina Kane urban fantasy series is a blend of dark themes, grave stakes and wicked humor. Jaye lives in Texas with her saintly husband and devilish son. Her work is represented by Rebecca Strauss of McIntosh & Otis.

Welcome Jaye! Thanks so much for stopping by!

First off, how was your New Years Eve?
It was a blast, thanks! We had a few friends over and they all brought their kids. Times have changed so much from when I was in my 20s because while we did have vomiting, injuries and people passing out--they were all under the age of eight. 

LOL, poor things. Hopefully they still had some fun.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
I do, but I try not to make them too official by writing them down so I don't feel like a failure every February when I realize how miserably I've failed to keep up with them. 

I'm the same way. *laughs*

I love. love. love your novels. Red-Headed Stepchild was a hit! Where did you get the idea of Sabina? Does she represent someone you know, or just fictional from your mind?
Sabina started talking to me one day when I was driving down the road. One minute I was minding my own business and the next, a chick in my head said, "Digging graves is hell on a manicure." I pulled over instantly and started writing. She's not really based on anyone I know, but there are some parts of her personality that are uncomfortably familiar to me.

How many novels are planned for the Sabina Kane series?
There will be five, total. Silver-Tongued Devil just came out and it's the fourth book. Blue-Blooded Vamp is book five and it comes out in June.

Who are some of your favorite kick butt heroines?
I love Ivy from Kim Harrison's wonderful Rachel Morgan series, Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine, the late, great Jennifer Rardin's Jaz Parks, and Genny Taylor from Suzanne McLeod's fantastic Spellcrackers series.

If you had to choose another kick butt heroine to face off with Sabina, who do you think could stand their ground?
I'd like to think that if Sabina met any of these other kick ass chicks that they'd form a league of awesomeness rather than battle each other. 

Good answer.

Do you plan on starting another series anytime soon?
I'm working on some new ideas, but can't really talk about anything until there's something concrete to report. Rest assured, though, there's more mayhem to come. 

*rubs hands together in excitement*

Another thing I love about your novels is your cover art. Each one is beautiful. Who's your cover designer?
Craig White does the artwork and the amazing Lauren Panepinto at Orbit does the art direction. I've definitely been blessed with amazing covers. Fun fact: The model for the series, Toni Busker (web site:, was one of the mermaids in the latest Pirate's of the Caribbean movie. How cool is that? I like to think this means I am one step closer to Johnny Depp. 

Awesome. That's cool to know! And who doesn't want to be one step closer to Johnny Depp, right?

Would you ever write a YA novel?
I'll never say never, but I don't have any plans at this moment. I don't want to chase the trend just to sell books. If I write a YA it will be because I have an amazing idea that can only be told as one. 

What do you do on your downtime? (Assuming you have some.. ;) )
Well my family keeps me pretty busy and I do a lot of experimental cooking. Otherwise, I'm usually writing, reading or plotting. 

Thank you so much for stopping by Jaye! You rock!

Thanks for having me! Happy reading! 

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Now, on to the giveaway! Jaye has offered one lucky winner a copy of Red-Headed Stepchild! 

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Good luck!


zcb257 said...

I followed with GFC :)

Who are some of your favorite kick butt heroines?

My all time favorite series is Fever, so I would have to say Mac would be up there. Then there's Joanna Archer from the Zodiac series, and to round out top three, I would have to say Kate Daniels.

zcb257 said...

Following on twitter, @zcb257

zcb257 said...

Following Jaye Wells on twitter! @zcb257

zcb257 said...

Following you on Goodreads! zcb257

zcb257 said...

Liked you on FB! Toma Houston

Forgot to leave my email on the rest of my posts, natoma at shaw dot ca

Carol said...

I have many kick butt heroine favorites of which Sabina is one:). Among those is Jane Yellowrock (Faith Hunter),
Mercy Thompson (Patricia Briggs,Sookie Stackhouse (Charlaine Harris), Merit - Chicagoland Vampires(Chloe Neill

I follow you on Facebook -

Asleep By Dawn said...

Favorite kick butt heroines: Anna Strong (Jeanne Stein); Mercy Thompson (Briggs); Merit (Neill); Kitty Norville (Vaughn); Rachel Morgan and Ivy Tamwood (Harrison). To name a few!

Noor137 at aol dot com.

Asleep By Dawn said...

Following you on Twitter @rowanholly.
Noor137 at aol dot com

Asleep By Dawn said...

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I tweeted about the contest at!/RowanHolly/status/156258820853743616

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Asleep By Dawn said...

I spread the word on my blog!

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Asleep By Dawn said...

I shared and spread the word on Facebook!

Noor137 at aol dot com

andie said...

Favorite kick butt heroines: Cat from Night Huntress series, Rose from Vampire Academy, Elena from the Guild Hunter series, all chick in The Guardian series, Dark-Hunter series and the Demonica series, Shahara from Born of Fire (The League #2) and of course Anita Blake!!

Yes i have a few, and i'm pretty sure my list will keep growing :P

GFC ~ Andreana

andie said...

+2 Following you on Twitter ~ andreana92

andie said...

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Sooz said...

following you on twitter @soozoriginals
following the blog, goodreads Sooz Acuna (FB too!)
Liked A Great Book is the Cheapest Vacation on FB
Follow Jaye Wells on twitter...

Great giveaway!

Serena said...

Aww. I wish I knew about this sooner. Subscribed to this anyway so I don't miss out on the future promos. Pretty interesting series featured here. I just love the pistol-wielding in sleek outfit setup.

Florida Beach Cottages

Collette Ferguson said...

Who are some of your favorite kick butt herions? I would have to say that my favorite is the character Eugenie from Richelle Meads Dark Swan Series

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