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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Where did the "@" symbol come from?

Have you ever wondered where the @ symbol came from? It feels like it's just always been. Maybe it came along with the dawn on time..Craved into stone for all us computerized beings in the future. "Meet me @ large rock when sun breaks."  *shrugs*  What? Do you know where it's originated from?

I found this interesting and informative article on where the @ came from. Here's a snippet:

"Names for the @ Symbol

The “at” symbol, by the way, is more formally known in English as the “commercial at,” presumably because of its original use in commerce. It has various names in other languages, and one of my favorites is Italian, in which it is playfully called the “snail.” Longtime listeners or people who have my books will know that in my example sentences, I like to use a character called Squiggly who is a snail. I’ve also seen it called a strudel and a cinnamon roll, which are both cute because it is shaped kind of like a rolled up pastry."  -Grammar Girl

For more, click here to check out the article!


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