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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Male of the Week

It's been a while since I've done a MOTW post, so I thought I'd show my love for one of my new favorite actors. Tom Hiddleston is just becoming huge in Hollywood with his role of Loki from Thor/the Avengers and his role in Warhorse, but I also loved him in his previous roles, such as Miss Austin Regrets and Wallander. He really is a talented actor and I'm glad he's getting such fantastic new roles, finally. 

 I'm starting off with the obvious. Tom as Loki. Loki has been one of my favorite villans for years, along side of The Riddler, Hook, Snake Eyes and The Joker. (To name a few) The comics were fantastic and I think I'll be picking up the Graphic novels very soon. 

"Can you talk about how heavy and cumbersome or difficult is it acting with this giant horned helmet?The horns are amazing! It was the last thing I got to try on when I did the costume fittings, and for me it was the most important thing. As soon as I got the part, I had nine months to prepare. I read all the comics. I read right the way through the history and I thought the horns are, well, it's like Spider-Man's suit. Loki isn't Loki without those horns on. Initially we were fitted, and it was a conversation of how much does it cover his face? How much does he use them as like a weapon, or is it just a statement of intent? It's kind of a representation of his soul in some way, like, back off because I'm dangerous. And it has been. We've had to work with it because they are very heavy. And because my ears are closed off, I can't hear very well and it becomes quite claustrophobic. It's a strange thing acting in it, but I know it looks so good because I've seen it in playback, so it's worth it.I read a story about Christian Bale complaining about the [discomfort of the] Batsuit and saying he's trying not to complain because he gets to be Batman. So, I'm trying not to complain about the horns because I get to be Loki, you know?" -Comic Book Resources

I came across these photos and had to add them in the post. I love them. Especially the first one. 

Here you see Tom from his role as Captin Nicholls in Warhorse.

Look at that face? Such a sad, beautiful look. I love it. 

This was an old favorite of mine, from Miss Austin Regrets. Mr. John Plumptre

So there you go! This week's MOTW is Tom Hiddleston. What do you think?


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