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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Taming the Scotsman by Kinley MacGregor

Taming the Scotsman (Brotherhood/MacAllister, #4)Taming the Scotsman by Kinley MacGregor

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This book is one you don`t want to miss!

Set in Medieval Scotland, the third book in MacGregor's steamy series about the heroic MacAllister brothers features Ewan MacAllister aiding the fiery niece of the Queen of England in escaping an arranged marriage.  


I love the MacAllisters!!!

I took a littel break before reading this one, not on purpose really, I just kind of trailed off. Am I ever glad I got back into this series last night. I've been wanting to read Ewan's story since a few books back. Ewan has been living in pain since his brothers death. After fighting over a woman who they both lost because she truly didn't love either of them, but just wanted to use them to get to her real love, his brother and best friend killed himself and Ewan has been blaming himself ever since.

Ewan lives in a cave. Alone and still grieving. Nora is a kind and gentle woman, but she sometimes has a fierce side. She's also a talker, to say the least. Yes, the author did specify that..a lot, but I felt if you were around someone who chattered that much, no matter who you meet, they'd probably remark on that.. especially for a woman in those days.
I've been told I can over talk myself, so I felt her pain. *laughs*

I hated how mean the brothers were to Ewan growing up. I didn't want to think of my favorite set of brothers as such bullies and down right mean, but I guess hard things are said between brothers always. I just felt so bad for the lost love Ewan ensued because of misunderstandings and plain bullying.

Although this story didn't have as much as a plot as some of her past instalments, I still really enjoyed this read. I read it in a few hours before bed and I was completely engrossed.
I also loved the banter between Ewan and Nora. His grumpiness was actually quite charming. I'm a sucker for tough love that blossoms into something beautiful.

I highly recommend this series to all historical romance and highlander romance lovers. I'm about to start 'A Dark Champion' and I know I'm in for a good read.

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