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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Am I too lenient? - New Rating System!

 I've been meaning to make a post on my rating system for a while. Mostly because I've been wanting to change it up a bit. Rate for cover, plot, characters, etc. With an over all rating as well, of course. But also because I've been thinking..Am I too lenient with my ratings? Should it be out of 5 or 10? Will people not take my reviews seriously if I'm always giving 3, 4 and 5 ratings? 

I read LC's Adventures in LibraryLand's post on Mean or not reviews and although I stand by my previous ratings because at the time, I truly felt they deserved those ratings, I also want to be taken serious and really help people to check out a novel, no matter my rating. I find I'm not a very judgemental person to begin with, but I could use more critiquing in my reviews I suppose. Don't worry all you upcoming novelists to be reviewed, I will be fair and I have high hopes your novels will be great. I'm just going to get a bit more serious. Why so serious? *Joker voice* Because the novels deserve it. 

Now, onto my new rating system. 

My rating system will be out of 5 still, but it will be broken into five categories.


Over all rating

I hope to get my blog more organized throughout the next few weeks. I'm going to fix up some links, etc. starting tonight. 

What does everyone think of the new rating system? Anything I should add?


Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I used to think I was too harsh but after reading LC's post, I'm glad that my system is the way that it is. Hope your new system works for you as well.

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