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Friday, April 27, 2012

Follow Friday! April 27th, 2012

Follow My Book Blog Friday is hosted by Rachel at Parajunkee's View and Alison at Alison Can Read. The point is to follow as many book blog as you can and make new friends! As part of the adventure, she gives a weekly question.

Have you had a character that disappointed you? One that you fell in love with and then “broke up” with later on in either the series or a stand-alone book? Tell us about him or her.

I have. A few actually. The one that comes to my mind first though, seems to be Anita Blake of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. She was great for a while. A favourite of mine and a kick ass chick with attitude. Tough, smart and an over all a killing machine. The she got the Adure and started having sex with every man she would come into contact with, and it got a bit tiresome. It was a cool concept mostly, it just seemed to turn her into something less than desirable. It was great while it lasted, but I think it's time I've moved on...


Liza (Reading with ABC) said...

I haven't read these books, but it's always sad when a character turns out to be disappointing.

Liza’s Feature Friday

iamjen said...

Same answer. I wish she just stayed as a necromancer... that makes her different from the rest of the paranormal girls...old follower! Happy Friday!

Priscilla TheGreat said...

Tons of people have said Anita Blake today. I guess I won't be reading that series!

Natasha said...

Yeah, her necromancer days were the best iamjen.

I agree Liza. You get emotionally connected with well written characters, that when they let you down in the book, they change how you see them.

Natasha said...

It was a good series, really. Up until book 8 it was a hit for many. So you can get 8 awesome books, but not guaranteed too many more. lol

Bob Milne said...

Thanks for stopping by - happy to return the visit and the follow.

Vikki said...

Thanks for hopping by. Following back.

Vikki @ V's Book Life

Becky said...

I have not read this series but I have heard many people say the same thing about Anita Blake.

Thanks for visiting my My FF and I'm following you back :)

mariska said...

Thanks for stopping by :D
And I think a lot of people choose this character.

Happy saturday!
Mariska (new follower)

Disincentive said...

Hey, thanks for visiting!
I'm hard to please actually... And that's my problem :(
Disincentive @ (read, watch, listen) - reviews

Disincentive said...

Oh and I'm following you :)
Disincentive @ (read, watch, listen) - reviews

Sarah Brown said...

New follower, I've seen that Anita Blake is a character whom a lot of people aren't fans of anymore, I own all the books but haven't read any of them yet but now I'm a bit wary, my FF

Ella said...

I've added this series in my TBR list yesterday cause someone else said the same thing about her and i'd like to have my own opinion, see for myself how she evolves..

Thank you so much for stopping by my FF
Old follower :)

Read Into Hiding

_yay_ said...

Anita Blake. A name I read more than once on the #FF posts. Must be frustrating...her behavior.
Thank you for stopping by Book that Thing.
Happy belated Friday!
I'm an old follower.

Chelsey Lynn said...

I haven't read this series, but I hate disappointing characters. Thanks for the follow. I am returning the favor!

[email protected]Charming Chelsey's

[email protected] GREAT read said...

This is one of the most popular answers this weekend! and pretty much for that reason! I never got into them myself. Mostly because I heard about Anita and her sex life!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

Patricia said...

It seems almost everyone picked her.. Argh. I shall have to read at least a few books myself. :)

Patricia // My Hop

Ning said...

Yeah she seems to be a popular pick this week, but I've never read the series! Thanks for stopping by and following! Following back via RSS!

Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

Amber I @ Awesomesauce said...

Anita Blake seems to be a popular answer. I have not read the books though but I am thinking I probably won't.

Thanks for stopping by. old follower!

Eileen said...

I've seen a lot of this around, but I haven't read the book myself. It seems like it would be a good book, but I guess the rest would sufficiently ruin it.

Following back and have a great weekend! :)

Vanya D. said...

Ughh! That sounds gross.....
Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! Returning the favor :)

Melliane said...

I'm sorry I'm a little late. I agree with you, I have the same problem.

I'm also a new follower.

Morganville94 said...

I haven't read Anita Blake's books but I heard they were good though, definitely keeping an eye out for this one!

Happy Belated Friday! Thanks for stopping by my blog I'm following back via GFC :)

Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy

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