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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Older Teen Sexuality Vs.Young Readers - Please read!

I've come to realize that YA needs a divided section in my book store. I say mine only because it may in others, but I doubt it. The two divisions I think it should have is Young Adult or Young Teens and Older Teens. I say this strictly because not all YA is for 12-18. As most of you know.

When I worked at Coles books store, I had to strongly suggest parents not to buy some books for their children who were twelve and thirteen. I noted that it wasn't because it was a bad book or series, they were popular and well sold series. They picked them from the YA section in our store, which makes them believe it's for teens of all ages. But parents just don't realize the amount of sexual content in some YA novels. I don't mean to put down certain novels, but I do believe there should be a division in sections like there are for YA or Adult. If only to warn the parents and zone in on the books that should be being sold to teens of a certain age. 

I'm not saying teens having sex is wrong or right. It's a fact that teens are having sex. That's not going to change any time soon. Although, we can do something to give the younger teens a choice. I know this will make it harder to sort for book sellers, but if it's already stated in the computer system, then it's a matter of putting it on another shelf. Pretty simple. At the Coles where I worked, the books were sorted from 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, and then Young Adult. There's a major gap between 12 and 18/19. Too much of a gap in my opinion.

Sex is a very important and sensitive topic in a teens life. What is being perceived in the younger years does have an influence. There are many well written YA novels with sexual content that is positive for teens and I'm behind them 100 percent. I'm only wanting a separation in shelves. That's all. 

This can also be said for violence. Like sex, violence has an age degree. The maturity of a novel should be noted. I've read many extremely violent novels that are better suited for sixteen and older, but again.. you'll find in our 12-19 YA section. 

That being said, I have no idea how other book stores are sorted. They very well may have that gap I'm asking for. I just wish it was a given for all stores. Maybe one day...


Sooz said...

I'm with ya sister! I wish there was a 12-14 set so that I could differentiate the books my kids should be reading. I rely heavily on book blogs and reviews to determine whether or not my 12yo can order a book from the library. There are some series that I read and enjoy right along with her, but there are so many books out there!

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