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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shame on you Copy Cat. Tisk. Tisk.

As some of you well know, twitter was heated up yesterday due to plagiarism on blogs. Names were thrown about and it went from bad to ugly pretty quick. I, personally caught up on it late, but I was shocked on how much of a post was copied, hence, all of it! 

It doesn't have to be copied and pasted to be plagiarism. 

I've done posts on blogs and articles that I was inspired by, but I supplied the links and made sure whatever was quoted was also provided with a link. If you're spreading information written by someone else, it's not yours. You have to be respectful. 
Take it fro the Golden Rule...  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" 

I don't have to tell you stealing is wrong, we all know that. When a blogger has worked hard on building a home on the internet to spread their words to the public, only to get it copied by someone who's to lazy to write their own post, well, that pisses me off. (excuse my language) 

After reading Parajunkee's post on this topic, I was amazed by how much of this is going around. We're a community of bloggers, striving for the same goal. We have a friendly, helpful and respectful group. I hate that this has happened and may very well happen again. 

Beautifully Invisible has brought up something I never thought to check. Once in a while, I'll check which places around the world have been stopping by my blog. Just for fun and to get to know who's most interested in reading my posts. I've never thought of checking where the exact traffic were linking from. I may be the only one who's not done this yet, but I will be from now on. Mostly, to see which fellow bloggers stop by, so I can return the favor, but also to keep tabs on suspicious traffic.

Since I'm not up to date with all methods of keeping track of copy cats, I found a great link posted by Beautifully Invisible on Vahni’s post, B*tch stole my content! Plagiarism: How to Deal with a Thief. So I hope to learn more on this topic. 

What are your thoughts on plagiarism? Have you ever been plagiarized? 


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