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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Books I couldn't wait for, but now I'm not so thrilled... Bad Reviews?

I hate to say bad reviews can sway me, but I made the mistake of reading many reviews on Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris and they seem to be the most mixed reviews I've ever read. I'm now discouraged. 
   Some loved it and swear by the series. I'm one of the loyal followers from day one, but I do admit, the last two books went down hill.  It's hard to keep a series on top for so long. Sooner or later, or favorites will get boring or change. 
That leads me to Eric. He changed. I've noticed from the past couple books that he doesn't even act or feel like the same character.  Y U NO SAME ERIC? *laughs* I really miss the real Eric and I hate to say it, but I don't really like the new Eric. 

    I also have mixed feelings about Bill. I never really liked him. Nothing personal, just meh. The later books, I started to warm to him, but I still don't think he should be Sookie's "happily ever after". (If she eve gets that.. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't, with her luck.)
    I also wasn't a huge Sam/Sookie fan. As friends, I love them and him. But I never thought of him as her HEA, although, he would make a good companion for Sookie. Since he's stable and one of the more normal of the supernaturals. 

    Then I read that people hope a new man will show up and be her HEA. That would be nice, but I doubt it, since we wouldn't have much of a background from him. It would kind of mess the story up, although I'm up for anything twist worthy. It's just been too damn boring. 

That being said. With or without the mixed reviews. I will read it, but I need a push. Should I read it today??? 


Sooz said...

Read it anyway! Sometimes a book gets hammered in reviews, but I still end up liking it. Maybe because my expectations are lowered... LOL The opposite is true too when so many people LOVE a book and I read it and say 'Meh'....

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