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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Favorite Series Sidekicks

Hey guys! I thought I'd do I post on my favorite series sidekicks. 
One thing I love in a series is a witty, fun and loyal sidekick. I actually just started to read the Madeline Black series because, in the synopsis it mentioned her Gargoyle. I have a soft spot for sidekicks, so here's my seven favorite.
(I know I'm forgetting some, but this is the few that popped into my head.)

  • BeezleMadeleine Black series by Christina Henry -Gargoyle, loyal friend and protector to Madeline. Beezle has been with her since she was thirteen, when her mother died. Beezle was also Madeline's mother's protector.  Beezle is often broody and sarcastic and always wants a snack. Preferable donuts or pop corn. 
  • Jenks - The Hollows series by Kim Harrison -Pixie, long time friend and partner to Rachel Morgan. He has dozens of children and lost his wife Matilda recently. He can get drunk on honey and has hilarious sayings such as, "Tink's panties",  “Oh for the sweet humpin' love of Tink", "Tink's diaphram!" 
  • Phineas- Abby Sinclair by Allison Pang -Unicorn, panties sleeper/creeper and bacon lover. He's definitely the comic relief in the series and after a while, you grow to care for the bugger. He's more of a anti-unicorn, but it's best that way. Oh, I almost forgot, he's also a perv. *laughs*
  • GiguhlSabrina Kane series by Jaye Wells -Fifth level, mischief Demon, who stuck in the form of a hairless cat. Not by choice. He's sarcastic and is addicted to the home shopping network. Sabrina's credit card takes a hit to say the least. Oh, and I can't forget his love for pay-per-view porn. 
  • Old Man Harvey- Deadwood Mystery Series by Ann Charles - A Man, obviously. Started out as a potential client to Violet, then turned friend and sidekick who loves to cause trouble. He also loves to gloat on his sexual appetite and he always tells it how it is. 
  • Billy Joe- The Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance -A ghost who was murdered at the age of 29 for cheating in a card game in Mississippi. He haunts a necklace that Cassie bought at the age of 17. He acts as Cassie's spy when needed, but he's also her friend. He's witty and extremely helpful when Cassie needs to see inside somewhere without being noticed. He's her eyes and ears. 
  • Mercuito- Southern Witch series by Kimberly Frost  -Ocelot. A large wild cat that has taken a liking to Tammy Jo. He may only be a cat, but he seems to have a sense of mystery and intelligence. He's a loyal compainion to Tammy Jo and of course, he's super cute. Mercuito is the odd one of this list because he can't talk and isn't human in any sense of the word. I still think he deserves to be on the list because he is a sidekick. 

They may be there for comic relief, to help out or to get in the way, but one thing that all of these sidekicks have shown is loyalty. I love finding new sidekicks to read along with. 

Let me know if you have a favorite sidekick that's not on the list! 


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