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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Interview & Giveaway with Heather Frost

Welcome Heather! Thanks for stopping by! 
Thanks for having me! I’m excited to be here.

It's getting close to Summer. What are you plans for this Summer? I plan to do a LOT of writing. Now that I’m finally out of school I can focus on being creative. 
I also plan to spend lots of time with family and friends. Hopefully this summer will be pretty chill.

I see from your bio that your birthday is a few days before Halloween. Are you a Halloween lover?
I like Halloween, but I hate getting scared. I hate scary movies, haunted houses, blood and gore, creepy costumes . . . Sometimes I wonder exactly why I like Halloween at all. I like dressing up, though, and I appreciate creative and cute costumes. It’s another excuse to party with my family, so maybe that’s why I like it.

Seers is your first published full length novel, am I right? How has this experience been for you?   Yes, Seers is a first for me, though I’ve been writing novels since I was twelve. The publication process has been an amazing journey for me, and I’m very grateful to my family and friends who kept pushing me to succeed in my dreams. Becoming an author has been one of the most awesome and life changing events I’ve ever gone through. I’ve grown so much personally, and met so many fantastic book lovers along the way. 

Can you tell is a little something about the heroine Kate? Kate is a senior in high school, and she’s going through some hard times right now. She’s recently lost her parents, she’s having troubles with her long-time boyfriend, and she’s struggling to cope with her new ability to see peoples’ auras. She’s trying to re-discover herself, and what she wants from life. But her troubles are really just beginning. She’s about to be thrown into the middle of a war between immortal beings, and both sides want her help. She’s going to have to come to terms with herself so she can fight to keep from losing anything—or anyone—else.

Is Seers going to be part of a series? If so, how many books are planned for the series?

Seers is book one in a trilogy. Book two, Demons, will be coming out this September—and I’m super excited! It’s hard to pick favorites, but I LOVE book two, and I’m really excited to share it with my readers. You can visit the official Seers Facebook page for more frequent updates:

Would you ever consider writing in the adult genre? Sure. I love young adult, but my head is full of ideas for both children and middle readers, as well as some adult. For now, though, I’m focusing on YA.

Are you currently working on anything? 
Book two and three of the Seers trilogy, primarily. But I’ve got a couple other projects on the side as well—some fantasy and dystopian.

Nosey time! :
Pepsi or Coke? I’m really a juice and water girl, actually.

Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter? 

Fall, definitely.

Snowboarding or Skiing? I like building snowmen. It’s a pretty safe and stable activity. I’m not extremely adventurous…

Swimming or Tanning? I prefer swimming. Honestly, though, I don’t tan—At all. I burn, and then go right back to blindingly pale. 

Favorite saying? If you can’t say nothing nice, you’re not trying.

Did I pester you enough? Not even. 

If you’d like to learn more about me and my books, or leave me a message, stop by my website: . Thanks for the awesome questions!
Thanks for stopping by Heather! You rock!

On to the Giveaway:
A Hardcopy of Seers will go to one lucky winner! 
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Giveaway will be open until May 17th
Good Luck!


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thanks for the giveaway! This looks like a great read!

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I'd love to win this book. Count me in if it's International :)

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Melanie said...

Great interview ladies! Sounds like a great book! :D

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Is this giveaway international? I hope it is :)

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